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  1. It is a quit to desktop. Honestly, it doesn't matter if it is a save game or a new game. It just immediately crashes when I click on the icon to talk to any of those beginning mission NPCs. The log I added was the one I had from the 2nd day of crashing I crashed on a new run every time. I just abandoned the two save games after the fact. I abandoned them simply because I wouldn't be able to get past talking to the mission NPCs therefore not allowing me to play the game. Those save games were both attempted earlier, they crashed on the initial new run and then after loading. I can't explain why the log doesn't indicate play time before that last load up, there should be a whole other day worth of crashing in that log. I'm going to give it a go again right now and post another log if/when it does crash again. Update: Okay, so same thing but not an immediate quit to desktop. This is a new run. Basically, I did the first popup side encounter in this run with no problem. I got to the first mission NPC clicked to talk to them and the game hung up. By hung up I mean loading circle on mouse and the thing just froze. Sound still goes in the game for a little bit but then goes away and that is when I Alt-F4. Clicking around and stuff doesn't indicate that the game is still operating. Really not sure but at least now it is doing something different and more in line with what I would expect from a crash. log.txt
  2. Basically any time I start a game and talk to the first mission NPC in any campaign, no matter which mission I choose to go to first. The game crashes. I have verified all my files and also reinstalled the game. Nothing out of the ordinary has occurred to cause it. I played 3 games yesterday without an issue and on the next run attempt is when it started happening.