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  1. And the music, too! Especially at the end. Loved the narration as well. This is a treat.
  2. Haven't played that one, but that just makes me want to like it even more! Glad it speaks to so many people, great work!
  3. Well I'll be damned, that Nurse Spider reminds me of Hollow Knight so much and I absolutely love it!! Thank you for these <3
  4. A new biome? And it has something to do with water? Kindly take my soul as a sign of my gratitude. And, spiders being able to wear hats now! This is amazing.
  5. My impression that it lasts for a few days, so I don't know if there's a set time unfortunately :<
  6. That's not a bug, it's intended! You don't have to do a rollback next time.
  7. Are you sure it works like that? Pretty sure it would be game-breaking
  8. I’m way too hyped for this! Thank you Klei!
  9. Hello! Since the latest update my game randomly crashes. It happens when I'm in Browse Games, and it also happened just now while I was in a server I launched. As far as I'm aware, I'm not doing anything specific that triggers this. The game will not react suddenly, and then it crashes without an in-game warning screen or anything like that (excuse the lack of proper terms). It has also happened while I was simply trying to change some filter settings while in Browse Games. I have already deinstalled the game, deleted all game files, and installed it anew on my laptop. As it happened again just now, I thought I could post it here. I will attach the client_log file below. Thank you!
  10. hey, will do, thank you for the directions! hi, thank you, but that’s not it unfortunately. I can join a public sever and enter the caves just fine. I can also generate a world with caves enabled in regular DST. it just won’t work with the beta enabled. thank you still, I’ll try filing a report about the issue!
  11. hi! I was wondering if anyone else has trouble generating a world in the beta with the caves enabled. I enabled the beta, and generating a world without the caves enabled works just fine. but when I add the caves the server won’t start and I get an error notification. I would really like to try out and see how everything in the beta is. what can I do? I tried disabling and re-enabling the beta, I tried closing and restarting steam and I tried restarting my laptop. (I hope this thread was the right place to ask this question)