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  1. Mod wouldn't do it, because values should be changed often during game. I want to increase monster values randomly little by little so that I have reason to hurry and hop worlds. Actually, mod for this would be great, but it is far beyond my capabilities. I figirued you can save and just copy-past all your settings in bulk every time game is loaded. It is fine, I was afraid I need to do it line by line. It is strange that they don't need any delimiter, it works even without new line.
  2. Just wonder where is LIGHTNING_GOAT_HEALTH in turning.lua? It has everything but health, which is 350. Is it omission or is something deep going here?
  3. I can TUNING.SPIDER_HEALTH = 110 in console to change spider health to 110 (default is 100). print(TUNING.SPIDER_HEALTH) shows that value is changed. But after game reload all values are set back to default. print(TUNING.SPIDER_HEALTH) shows 100. How can I save these values to current game?