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  1. Being able to feed 12 people in full winter season with warly all by myself. My method was simple, i dont know if this is hard or not but it was challenging thats for sure. My method was actually easy i made 8 farms and had wormwood and wicker in the server we actually worked together but i did all the cooking. I also tried to make every single dish they wanted from me (health food, sanity tempeture increasing foods etc.) ppl wanted specific dishes all the time since they always got injured or lost sanity because of the deerclopse I always make at least 3 fridges. They are for veggies, seeds, and dishes so ppl can find anything they want in fridge without looking in them billions of times. Im always neat about food and try to be neat as much as i can i dont like the chaos over food in winter.
  2. Its not a big deal tbh you can carry 3 stack of 3 different kind of health foods and season them with salt or garlic seasonings. I dont suggest that a lot but you can also eat grim galette for last hope if your sanity is max or more than your health. It switches your health and sanity values. Seriously its not a big deal to heal yourself while playing with Warly.
  3. Yes but in real life veggies regrow even if not all of them. I still think it should be lil easier to obtain them.
  4. Yes but its still a bit hard to grow them in my opinion.
  5. Well i wanna know what do you guys think about vegetables and fruits.I think its hard to get vegetables and fruits especially when you really need it. I think it should be little bit easier to obtain them. Each farm grows 1 vegetable and fruit once for per seed, its hard to make a stock. I think it would be great at least if some specific vegetables grow 2 or 3 times after first harvest or if they drop 2 vegetable or fruit instead of 1.
  6. Experience is simply all you need, so playing DS is definetely your answer for this question. You will die so many times and you will learn from your mistakes when everytime you die.
  7. Its definetely nay for me... Wes is even better than him without anything. He feels like so forced to me.
  8. He is the first and biggest dissapointment of mine to be honest in my DST history. He doesnt make me feel like im playing with scout. I cant see anything about survival except few things. I wrote how i think in this topic check it out if you want to know how i feel about Walter.
  9. I was so hyped for Walter. Now he finally joined the crew but man i wasnt expecting him to be that overpowered. I like all characters klei designed. Dont get me wrong, i like how Walter looks and also i like some his skills but a lot of his abilities doesnt feel right for his concept for me. I mean i like the way klei think. I love how Walters‘fearlessness’ is much more him just being a kid who can’t tell that something’s dangerous. I also like the idea of his sleeping tent, his pet woby and the idea of bee allergy. But when i look at him and think about his combat and general skills. He just remindes me a high level broken archers from MMORPG games. His skills should ve been focused on survival not about poking the mobs with different type of pellets all the time. Which makes me bored about him already. Yeah he will be nerfed i know. I just want to share what i think about him right now since im talking about first impression. I whish he had skills for tracking and exclusive things for traps. Im just kinda bit dissapointed. He feels like someone cant fight properly but only poke from the distance. I know he is a kid and i dont expect him to fight like wolfgang. But the funny thing is he is more broken then any character rn about combat when you have materials. I dont have any problem with slingshot btw my problem is all about his abilities and how broken he is. He rides woby and opens the map faster than the other characters when he feeds him. He pokes mobs from the distance since he cant get into close combat. He can support his team mates and boost their sanity while in camp if needed. He can make a portable tent and recover himself easier. He has a lot of ammo types and this variety lets you decide freely to pick one of them for your gameplay strategy. I mean he looks weak but when you get your pellets and learn him enough to make a gameplay strategy. You can clearly see how broken and how irrevelant his skills for his look and concept. He is scout. Like i said i was expecting his skills to be more about survival and tracking. He shouldnt be that easy and i think his skills needs rework already. He is the first character i dont like the most. except his look and few ideas about his story telling at campfire, his pet woby, portable tent, bee allergy and fast cooking on campfire. Other than that, sorry walter fans thats what i think.
  10. No its his specific penalty in game i dont agree with that tbh. he can already cook tons of food. Well everyone thinks a different thing but, as u can see guys we have all common ground about one thing. Warly needs at least 1 big benefit in his skills, exclusive items or when he cook recipes. He have some issues with his gameplay in late game. He has no good use anymore when u finally make yourself a stable base and few reliable food resources. I think as some of you said he needs some kind of buff that allows him to get the vegetables more easily since its hard to get and stock them. Or at least he needs some extra stat boost when he cook regular recipes. If both of these not good enough then maybe he might get something from his lore? What if he comes with a picture with his mother and has extra 1 permanent slot for it? When he look at it he might get something temporary like -30 sanity for 3 times %70 or 80 fast cooking? I mean his video when he first came out was very emotional he had a lot of pictures with his mom if u looked at the video carefully. I mean it might sound stupid for some of you im just trying to be creative for new ideas. When he looks at that picture every day he will remember the times when he cook for his mom and with that motivation he can cook 3 times faster between %70 or %80 each day for sanity cost around -30 or 40 maybe, since his memories will make him emotional with his mom and make him even more passionate with cooking. This picture cant be removed, cant be crafted from anyone or destroyed as well this picture is going to stay with him forever in his special picture slot. (Its just an idea.)
  11. Thanks for your opinion. Well of course i dont want him to be super easy i also love challenge. Im just trying to explain there is a gap about him in late game, thats what i think. of course we dont have to think the same things. Im just trying to understand and learn what the others think about this topic and what is their suggestions.
  12. You cant simply tell something like that to players who likes to play this character and he needs buff for sure. Look at any forum you want or look at the other platforms to see which tier is warly voted. Its about your game style there is no such thing like A tier or F tier in my opinion. It depends for everyone to be honest. But in general if you consider his whole skills and gameplay features objectively he doesnt completely satisfy players like us in late game. We are talking about buff because we think he needs it. Of course klei is going to decide whats gonna happen about him as always they do. His pouch loses its purpose when you get insulated pack. Chef pouch is something unique for him. Yeah it doesnt have to be better than insulated pack but at least he needs to have something different and stronger than anything to only special for him so people like us can continue to play him even in late game effectively. I have no problem with his current situation right now except late game. Because except his unique recipes and seasonings. He loses his value in late game. When you can manage your food recources and be able to keep them safe and edible for a long time without warly. What benefit he will provide to other players except seasonings? You cant always cook special recipes too if you didnt make any vegetable stock. So only thing that makes him special in late game is his seasonings and its not a very important thing when you improve your base and gather things that you need the most. Instead of telling people "dont play that character if you dont like it" you could tell us what you think and why he doesnt need anything. People can play and tell whatever they want. We are all free to tell what we think. So before you tell something like that i suggest you to be helpful and share your ideas and what you think about this topic first so we can understand why do you think like that. As a player of DST everyone can tell what they want or whish for characters as long as they make sense. IM GONNA SHARE THIS INFORMATIONS FROM WIKIA PAGE SO YOU CAN SEE WHAT DIFFERENCE INSULATED PACK AND CHEF POUCH HAVE INSULATED PACK: Insulated Packs cannot be placed in inventory or in Chests, they can be placed on the ground and used for storage. Any item clicked on an Insulated Pack which is on the ground will give the 'Store' option allowing the pack to be filled without equipping it. Despite slowing the spoilage of food items, the Insulated Pack does not completely work the same way as an Ice Box. Unlike the Box, the Pack will not stop the spoilage of Ice and Ice Cubes and will not be able to freeze a Thermal Stone. Additionally, it will completely prevent hot food from cooling off over time. In the July 25, 2019 patch, the amount of inventory slots was increased from 6 to 8, to compete with Warly's Chef Pouch. In the May 28, 2020 patch, the Gears and Electric Doodad cost was reduced to 1. CHEF POUCH: The additional inventory slots were reduced from 8 to 6 and items inside will spoil 1.33 times slower instead of 2 times slower. It is no longer a starting item for Warly but still is craftable only by him. It requires 4 Cut Grass, 4 Twigs and 2 Nitre to craft. As you can see i wrote those differences bold between chef pouch and insulated pack so you can see the difference. Im not saying if his chef pouch gets buff its going to be the key for our all problems solvation. As a warly main and player. I want something makes him more valuable in late game thats all. Chef pouch nerf is just a thing that made him even weaker.
  13. I dont want him to be easier i just wrote here what can be new for him. I mean these things the first ones that came up to my mind. I love to play with him and im happy with his current situation actually. I just think he has something missing. I was talking about something different than salt when i metioned to extend spoilage time with exclusive seasoning. As u said chef pouch nerfed because it was almost the same with insulated pack. So there can be something better in his exclusive seasonings for extending food spoilage more than salt. I also suggested when he feed someone it provide his friends few extra sanity because when there is nothing to do about increasing your sanity in rare situations it might come in handy when you have food which is also little bit strategic thing to do. Yeah maybe mixing seasonings might be too op i agree with that i also realized removing his hunger drain can be too op. You are right about these two. But i still dont agree with the rest of your opinion. Oh maybe that spoilage time for his chef pouch stay nerfed which is 1.33 rn if they add something for food spoilage in his seasonings bu i still think it needs to be 8 slots instead of 6. Also insulated pack is something that everyone can achieve which takes a lot of time and to be honest i dont see a lot of people rush for insulated pack. Thats why his pouch must the same like in his first release. He is all about food. Then i can ask you this if chef pouch is exclusive for him and insulated pack is way better than his exclusive item right now what benefit will his chef pouch have when everyone get insulated pack? It makes nonsense to me. Chef pouch will help you untill you get insulated pack then boom no need for chef pouch because you have insulated pack now. If chef pouch is going to be something unique it must be something no one can achieve, use and stronger than anything when it comes to store your foods in it. I think insulated pack must be nerfed instead of his pouch. So chef pouch can still stay unique in that way. They just need to swap insulated pack stats with chef pouch right now and i think its the best thing to do. I agree on that perk thing with you @Dr. Safety he is weak in late game like winona as you mentioned. He needs something makes him valuable in late game so at least one big buff or mini rework definetely need for him if you ask me. So he can be more playable in late game. You are right top to bottom.
  14. I want to talk about Warly and i want to know what you guys think about his current sutiaton. Its been 10 months since he came out. With his arrival we got new vegetables like: "Toma Root, Potato, Asparagus, Pepper, Onion, and Garlic." You can also check out this link which has enough information you need about his few abilities, positive and negative effects: https://forums.kleientertainment.com/forums/topic/109374-warly-is-now-available-in-dst/ Playing with him is fun and he is a unique character. His exclusive recipes is also very good and useful if you have recources to make them. But except all of these things lets be honest. Yeah i love to play with him its fun. But im being completely objective here since before his release as you can imagine i was also playing with other characters. I still play with them but i play with warly most of the time from day one since his release. Now i think i have enough information about what he needs and what he could do better. I have few ideas about how he can be improved and buffed. I mentioned about my ideas in another topic but since this topic is all about him here i will write my ideas on here as well: Old chef pouch features should come back (2x slower spoilage and 8 inventory space) He should be able to cook his exclusive recipes on regular crockpots. (This might cause thecnical bugs. He has exclusive crockpot for some good reason.) When Warly makes the regular recipes, his recipes should give a little more positive effects more than other recipes which is made by other characters. ( for example another player cooks meatballs and get regular effects from it. When warly cooks the same recipe those can have bit more possitive effects than the regular meatball. It can provide 10 point more hunger, health and sanity each for example. He might have 1 more seasoning for all recipes which let us to extend foods spoilage time when we have no fridge or we are far from base. He might have ability to combine maximum 2 seasonings together in one recipe. (garlic powder mixed with honey crystals in one portion meatball ) When he feeds the others by food that made by himself he can increase their sanity for few points. These are few things that came up to my mind and makes a lot of sense since he is "The culinarian". Like i said these are only ideas but they make sense since he is "The culinarian". Let me know what do you think. Lets see what do you think about him and whats your ideas. PS: He is even nerfed after his relase x1.33 slower food spoilage instead of x2 and his chef pouch slots reduced to 6 from 8. HERE IS HIS EXCLUSIVE RECIPES IF YOU DONT KNOW OR DONT REMEMBER
  15. Yeah maybe you are right but except that one like i said. Warly has so much potential. He was not strong when he first came out. He is even weaker now he really doesnt needed a nerf. Im being %100 objective he needs even more buff now thats my opinion and i know im not alone. I saw many players complain about his current sutiation. He is a quiet new character and his current situation is understandable. Maybe he will be much stronger in the future if devs are already working or think about how to improve his abilities and survival skills in DST. Most of the people think he is strong but only reason they think like that (which is my opinion again) he is unique. He looks strong but when you try to play solo or when you play with your friends you can clearly see he is all about teamwork. Yeah most of the characters not designed for %100 solo gameplay and thats why im saying how i think. If his food management and cooking abilities is the key, his current stats and abilities not enough right now when you compare him with other characters. He is all about team work most of the time so he definitely needs some love from devs and get buff.