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  1. A friend of mine has a dedicated server and we (3 friends) played on it for about 500 days and we never had trouble. Recently I have been having problem to join the server, it shows the following message : "The server is not responding". While I'm having this problem, my two other friends are joining the server with no problems. When I get to join the dedicated server, I lag so hard, it's impossible to play. When I click on 'Tab' inside the game, my connection is only 1 bar out of 3 and the messsage that shows is: "Cliente performance: Bad". I'm the only one having this problems, my two other friends can join the server and play just fine. I already uninstalled the game and installed again. Me and the host has done the following: deactivated Windows Defender and all antivirus firewalls, we removed all mods and we're also running Don't Starve Together as administrator. Until now nothing has worked. Me and my friends have great internet connection (over 150mb) and good computer setups. I hope someone can help me with this problem.