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  1. HOLY **** I never thought of that!!! Klei is actually trying their best to remove kiting, but the government wants them to not remove kiting! Klei is trying to prevent kiting in the best way they can. And I respect that
  2. Make what believable? The fact that kiting proves how this generation is soft?
  3. I am SO MAD at Klei for keeping this feature for it's entire lifespan. Kiting literally makes you invulnerable to everything. It removed the uncompromising aspect of the game. First of all, why bother with armor? You can just dodge the attacks of a treeguard just like that? Not even get hit once? Not only is this just an obvious cheese of one of the strongest enemies in the entire franchise. Kiting treeguard is a method of mocking the hit film "The Lorax". By showing that individuals who defend the natural beauty of trees cannot do anything to stop the people who support deforestation, despite what the movie suggests. Kiting treeguard is also a sign that you support Jeff Bezos's actions on deforestation. Just to put that out there. Kiting also shows how soft this generation is. I spent 18 hours trying to kill deerclops just from doing the natural method (tanking) and regenerating the world each time I lost to this great enemy. Gen-Z nowadays don't want to go the TRUE path of defeating such a problematic foe and do it the easy way by using "kiting". It's genuinely pitiful and sad. One more thing, kiting is a dog whistle by alt right conservatives, and it's a method of rigging the election for 2024 and how it's liberal leftist propaganda made by "woke" people.
  4. You do not need twigs/grass for science machine/alchemy engine Rocks and gold are lying around the mosaic, and you can use a rook to chop trees or alternatively use woodie and werebeaver down the trees/rocks You can also use pigs probably but I'm not sure how you would initiate the chop
  5. Huh? The challenge is that you cannot use a single twig or grass Everything else is allowed as long as you don't obtain any more items from the two items listed
  6. Yes, you cannot have a single twig in your inventory
  7. Me and someone else found a set of seeds with bugnet, here's one set of double bugnet seeds Forest seed: 1653358444 Caves seed: 1653359643 Obviously, it wasn't that hard to find, but it was still a bit tricky (bugnet boon is pretty much as rare as cane boon) but if you find any more sets of bugnet seeds then notify me
  8. I had just remembered that caves and surface shards share different seeds, We can combine both a bugnet overworld seed and a bugnet caves seed
  9. Wasn't in guille's server to be specific though, it was OrangE's server, but guille hopped in the conversation
  10. In a discord server, we had a discussion whether or not you can beat Celestial Champion without using or acquiring any grass or twigs We found that grassless CC is possible (there's alternative methods of getting rope), and hypothetically twigless CC is possible aswell except there's a pretty big roadblock Moongleams require a bugnet to acquire them, you need 15 moongleams and therefore two bugnets. The only way you can get a bugnet without any twigs is by the beekeeper boon, which has a bugnet. This setpiece however, is fairly rare (54 worlds had 2 bugnet boons, world was huge and failed survivors was set to insane but I doubt that had any affect) and extremely rare when having two of that setpiece in the picture Furthermore, we do not know if the bugnet boon CAN even spawn twice, as some boon setpieces cannot spawn twice. BUT dst is split into two shards, forest and caves shards. If a bugnet boon in caves shard is possible, then double bugnet is possible. So double bugnet is MOST LIKELY possible (if multiple can spawn in the same shard OR if one can spawn in the caves shard, then this is possible) but we do not know for sure. Even if it is possible, it could take hundreds or possibly even over a thousand worlds to test. But if a double bugnet world is found, then twigless Celestial Champion is theoretically possible. (I can also answer any questions about grassless CC/twigless CC)
  11. So we all know how much insanity is a threat in this game. Everyone dies to it in most of their runs. So I found this niche little obscure fact of the game that cooked blue caps restore sanity! And it restores so much and is super easy to get! Just pick them by hand in the deciduous biome during night time, place down a firepit. And cook them up for some basically free sanity! Klei please fix!