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  1. Yeah agreed, if it had less sugar I would start eating it more. Maybe the cotton candy in the attic DOES taste like nightmare fuel.
  2. So you're telling me... that if wortox and webber held the same nightmare fuel at the same time? The nightmare fuel is jello? And also if that's the case why do you think woodie says it's liquid?
  3. Maybe it feels like more of a slightly melty butter due to wortox saying it's squishy. Although I don't know about the texture being buttery as it looks more like jelly in-game. Or maybe it could taste like butter?
  4. I mean, that's probably the most likely taste for raw nightmare fuel. But that's kind of boring to just settle on that, what are the char's least favorite foods? Could wig/wurt not eat it because it tastes like vegetables/meat? Or maybe it tastes like the most harmful food? And even then we don't know what the nightmare fuel in the grim galette tastes like because webber apparently says it's good? Who knows really....
  5. At first I kinda regretted posting this because it was kinda weird, but now i'm mega intrigued. Like why care at this point? I don't need sleep, I need answers You know what, I wanna go on a connect four match (maybe even in a dst server) with a klei dev and if I win, they have to tell me what nightmare fuel canonically tastes like, and if I lose, I will beat every boss in the game with only boomerangs. Like idc at this point, as long as I get my answer I need... Fight me klei
  6. At this point nightmare fuel could taste like anything. I've theorized at the bottom of the post that it could taste like your least favorite food for raw nightmare fuel, but who knows at this point.... This question kinda started out as a joke when I said it in a discord server, but now I've built up too much curiosity and I really wanna know now. At this point I'd do anything to get a solid answer on what nightmare fuel canonically tastes like in the Don't Starve universe.
  7. That might be interesting. Nightmare fuel sauce... One thing that I didn't mention is that Wheeler's quote says they are "dark souls". Could this correlate to Wortox's souls? Or no because they are in different don't starve games, or even not so because I guess they are different type of souls? And even if they did what would Wortox souls taste like? And what would a "darker" version of that be?
  8. imo I think it's cooking it, if you eat cooked chicken you're probably gonna get a tasty meal, but if you eat uncooked chicken, you will probably get salmonella (and an untasty meal)
  9. Do you have any client mods that may be affecting it? I had a client mod before that muted some creatures voices
  10. I mean I guess that's common sense, but most quotes on the grim galette are referring to how scary/bad it LOOKS (except for Walter who thinks it looks good). And Warly outright says "It's not as scary as it looks" So I still don't think cooked nightmare fuel tastes bad, although raw nightmare fuel most likely does. Or maybe it's not the nightmare fuel being cooked that is making it not taste bad, but rather the onions/potatoes.
  11. First of all, just because something is bad in general doesn't mean it would have a bad taste, like the cotton candy in the attic, it tastes good, but probably isn't good for you. Second of all, there's a lot of bad tasting stuff in the world that isn't puke. Third of all, how do you know puke tastes bad? That implies you've tried it before.
  12. Raw nightmare fuel could taste like anything at this point, although idk that will fit for cooked nightmare fuel because I don't think that relates to a magic/melancholic taste at all, or even a good taste....
  13. Let's get straight to the point: Woodie's quote implies that it's a liquid, Webber's quote says it's "cold and slippery" but Willow's quote says it's "Still warm" and lastly Wortox's quote implies that it's squishy, so it could be a slippery squishy liquid that can be warm or cold on different people's perspective, Could this mean that nightmare fuel is some kind of jello? Who knows... Warly can make "Grim Galette". This implies that nightmare fuel CAN be consumable, just not raw, Webber's quotes says it "tastes good" (which is actually kind of suprising) but Wendy's quote says it tastes like "melancholy" and Wickerbottom's quote says it tastes like "magic", but what would magic and melancholy taste like? Bitter? Sweet? I've been wondering for a while now and I need answers on what nightmare fuel canonically tastes like. Let's also talk about the effects now, obviously eating grim galette swaps your health and sanity, but then again being exposed to nightmare fuel itself seems to damage your mind (Like if you are holding a dark sword/wearing night armor). So obviously eating nightmare fuel will most likely do something with the mind but also there is Maxwell's quote when examining the ancient guardian: "My my, the fuel has changed you", But how did the fuel change him? Most likely just made the guardian insane or something like that, but maybe it also gave him lots of health? Just like grim galette? I haven't really looked that deep into the lore (if there is any, I heard there was some but I don't really know much, other than that ancient civilization thing in the metheus that I vaguely remember) so idk if this is true or not. Although I'm pretty sure there was some nightmare fuel involved so we can get info on that. Lastly, what would it taste like raw? Obviously the grim galette is cooked, and obviously you cannot eat raw nightmare fuel. The grim galette, however, has onions and potatoes that can alter the taste, maybe raw nightmare fuel doesn't taste like "magic" and "melancholy" due to the ingredients/cooking. Imo I think nightmare fuel tastes bitter. And as earlier, it seems as if nightmare fuel is some kind of jello (if you consider that liquid). Nightmare Fuel is also a common term on the internet to describe something, well, nightmarish. So maybe it tastes like your worst nightmare (But just like it tasting like magic or melancholy, that doesn't make sense either). Or maybe, it tastes like your least favorite food (Or in this case, the eternal fruitcake for every character because they would literally refuse to eat it even if they are starving). Anyways, if you have more info on this subject, please tell me. Maybe we can get an answer on this subject.