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  1. I get this error when trying to start a new map on any asteroid, frustrating
  2. Sure will, might be a day or two. Building a system for a client who keeps wanting to change parts @SharraShimada checked all of that. And no other background programs running. So ya I considered it. The only thing that has changed, I havent played the game since I moved to a Ryzen system, but i really doubt that has anything to do with it
  3. Guess i wont be playing this game. Sad really, was a great game and now its unplayable and getting no support from the company or the community.
  4. This started recently. Before i would be able to play the game and watch Twitch on second monitor, no issue's. Now if i do that, game FPS drops to 50 previously was 144, but that doesnt really make a difference in game. The game will randomly freeze and then crash. Thought it was Twitch so i turned off any program that was running. And it is still doing this and very frustrating. Ive uninstalled/reinstalled the game, updated video divers.