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  1. If you zoom in on the character with green hair it looks like they have a creepy smile
  2. My reaction to the first time seeing big wobyi was actually freaked out the first time. At least I know why monster meat turns her into big woby
  3. Completely unrelated but this is an EXTREME LUCK moment, so how can I not show thisin case if you don't understand what's happening, I found the eye bone next to spawn.
  4. Walter is going to be the best kowalaphant hunter here
  5. Killed moose goose but died before it was killed, (I had some help from friends) so I did not get the achivement. (Also here's my account if you want to friend me)
  6. I found my new main! And better yet, HE'S FREE!! But here's the big question. CAN I PET THE DOG?
  7. Welcome to the list of harder than it should have been to get achievements
  8. Me: joins server and notices everyone has a furry name. Some random furry player: "hewo" me:
  9. Just a suggestion for a small update maybe add a "are you sure?" Function when unraveling head skins cause they are harder to get than normal clothes. I hope this function will be added