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  1. Must have been a jarring experience for him.
  2. It's very fun, I am content with it. I find that playing this event with friends is more satisfying than playing alone.
  3. I reacted the same way when I saw her on this vignette. She's so cute!
  4. The update should be live in two or three hours.
  5. There, corrected it for you. Okay, enough posting on this thread.
  6. She's not really a critter so I wouldn't mind it if she doesn't make it into the list. Unlike them, she has manners and is actually useful.
  7. This one might not fit as a B-side since the difference is too drastic, but Winifred (Winnie) could be considered as a variation of Wigfrid. Or maybe the other way around, because she existed before the character we have now.
  8. You have wonderful art and I wish I could leave a heart on each piece, but I will spare you the notification spam, haha. I really like how calm Wigfrid looks in this one, she's just enjoying the sea shell chimes.
  9. This is just a suggestion, but if you do draw her hitting Wilson with a back scratcher from behind like his quote says, I will be eternally grateful.
  10. POV: you're about to get hit on the head with a back scratcher