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  1. That is it, officers! The post that singlehandedly murdered me!
  2. Why, would you look at that, yet another Wigfrid meme that nobody asked for!
  3. (Excited noises!) If a reference to the songs whose lyrics I've used is what you meant, the first one is "Brothers of Metal - The Mead Song" and the second "Fire, Blood and Steel" by the same artist.
  4. "Pajama" outfits for Wigfrid (apologies for how big the images are)
  5. While testing out the beta in my creative world, I came across this odd river formation that I have never seen before: Is this a new addition to the game, or is it something I just found out exists? There is a chance it could be caused by a mod, but I don't recall enabling any terrain-changing mods.
  6. I believe you can find a mod on the workshop that disables it
  7. Winifred's taste in music is quite... peculiar... Bonus:
  8. I did also lean to the very critical views of others until I decided to have a solo playthrough with the duo and honestly, I'm quite content with them the way they are right now! The only thing that I would change about them is incredibly trivial and it comes to Woby - I'd love to see her behave more like a real pup! (maybe adding new activities with her such as playing fetch, her digging out strange things, being able to hug giant fluffy Woby). Extremely optional and nothing a mod can't cover!
  9. This looks so badass! (or the viking equivalent of this word, which would be drengr!)
  10. I'm far too lazy to check if anybody has done this before
  11. This is a great point! I do believe, though, that in this context the constant would behave the way it does in-game - in a quite unrealistic, fantastic, supernatural, absolute nonsense fashion that is tailored to best fit gameplay. I suppose the person who enters would be the one to adapt to this new state of reality.
  12. I do really like the thrill of finding yourself in a curious new world full of dangers but also adventure, having to stick together with your fellow survivors out of necessity but also getting to know many different people (and creatures) and being able to form deep friendships with them. I do also agree though that trying to stay alive everyday forever would be incredibly stressful and so would not be able to see your family and friends in the real world ever again. If that is the case, I would definitely love to spend some time exploring the constant and its many curiosities! It seems like a great way to escape from the real world and its problems even for a little bit and it might even offer a change of perspective.