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  1. I've done that too... I suppose beefalo is much more fun and easy to pronounce!
  2. I believe there might be a slight plot-hole since Wilson is described as being inspired by the 1920's, leading people to believe that he was taken into the Constant in that decade, but the newspaper in the newest refresh animation lists the San Francisco earthquake that happened just a day after Maxwell and Charlie's final act, on the 18th of April 1906.
  3. Ban Zeedragon because I might get a "senior member" rank from making this reply, only one way to find out!
  4. I honestly forgot to think about this part. I can understand now why they chose these specific characters, other than the fact that they're popular — not every character has a personal companion. Having that in mind, Walter and Woby would be a great addition, but since they're so new there might not be a lot of demand for them. Thank you for this link! If enough people are interested, I might make a post for action.
  5. You gotta unequip the beard when you drink an invisibility potion, bro.
  6. "For new years I want beefalo skins!" "Be realistic" (...) "What kind of beefalo skins do you want"
  7. It took me an embarrassingly long time to realize that the W in her name should be pronounced as V since it's germanic. I've been calling her a wig this entire time
  8. I trust in Klei's artistic choices and I'm certain that they will create an interesting character no matter what.
  9. I don't usually collect funko pops, but a bigger variety of characters would be great to see. I would have created a post in the suggestions tab, but I wanted to see people's opinions first.
  10. Ah yes, the "now we can cook over endothermic fire" patch... but we can only make ice cream.
  11. I think they might be naming them random things not thinking that anybody would bother to check the name.
  12. Wow, the fire scene in Act III of Die Walküre looks different from what I remember!
  13. I've been meaning to make a post on the Fireproof Falsetto, because this song has so much potential yet is just useless. I've used this song during both the Dragonfly and Klaus fight and I have not seen any notable difference. Even if it does have a 33% to fire resistance, it's incredibly underwhelming, not to mention that it uses up a slot that you could have used for a more impactful song. I agree with this. Unless you're tanking, which I dislike doing unless the boss has a lot of hp, it is nearly impossible to maintain 3 battle songs at the same time.