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  1. i have to test it, but somehow i doubt, that it solves the problem, as the tube has a really really big problem: it tries to keep at exact 37,7°C. No bathtube (or whatever) works like this. If you have a hot bath, you put in water and at some point the water has cooled down a lot, to a point, where it is does not make fun any more. The range of temperature is way bigger then just stay at a fixed temperature. You maybe enjoy 60°C hot water and leave the tube, when it is at 30 degree. Exactly: the tubs just work as an deletion mechanism. Not as a reaxing tube for the inhabitants. They do not use it, if the water is more then 37,7°C, because the water is too hot. And they do not use it, if the water is lower then 37,7°C. Thats the reason, why the inhabitants in the game looks like they jump there all the time. I am rather confused, that even after this long time this behaviour was never mentioned anywhere else. Thats the reason, why i was asking, if this is a bug or intended this way? As above: the inhabitants do not use the tube at a higher temperature. But i have to test it later again. I was trying to figure out, if the shown behaviour in my game was normal or not. Edit: yes, the same mistake was shown all the time: when i put in hotter water then the 37,7°C, then the tubs were not used, because the water was too hot. If it was lower then 37,7°C, the water was too cold. Then the inhabitants left the tube after a short time. In my opionion this behaviour is wrong.
  2. Ok, i spent some time now to build up a wellness area, with saunas and hot tubs. And When i have finally set it up, what i have to see? Even as i put water with 40°C (or 313 K) in, the tubs are in an constant loop of too hot - too cold - too hot - too cold - too hot - too cold - too hot, and so on.... There is never a stable time, when the inhabitants can really enjoy the tub. They can go in for a second but because its in this constant loop, they do not stay long enough there to really have some bonus out of it. What do i do wrong?