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  1. I got it... I wasn't letting it load after hitting play... Thanks guys!!! But there is still a problem... Not a problem really... But I have everything connected and linked... I watched twitch... But I didn't get a notification that I got the reward... But when i logged into the game... I had the reward in my collection...
  2. Yeah it's both... And I don't know how to login on ps4... Cause the game is not letting me login... Also I do have a PS plus membership...
  3. So I have a klei account... And I wanted to login on my ps4... But when I select login on the main menu... It goes to the loading screen and then the title screen pops up... And when I hit the play option... It says again on the main menu login to get the items... I tried to click on the log out option... But again it goes to the loading screen and then title screen pops up... And when j hit play again, there is still the log out option at the bottom of the main menu... Am I missing something???