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  1. Finally Maxwell getting some love, I was wondering what happened to him (not that most of the squad would prefer him to be gone, no no...). And a proper CHIN. ALSO: Winona and Maxwell seeing our girl Charlie for the first time in years. How much I would like to see how it affected these two emotionally (I guess for Winona we can clearly see she's heartbroken to have to get out of the caves, for Max I have a feeling he knows he shouldn't trust Charlie anymore). I need a series, Kleeeeeeei.
  2. I repeat: BLESS THE WES <3 It's beautiful :3
  3. My sis and I play Wilson and Maxwell, and when we were trying to get to the Fuelweaver, we encountered 3 bishops in our way. Needless to say, I used her as a meatshield that day:
  4. After all the exam madness, I finally have some time to draw, and I present to you something small I did to brighten up our lives: 4. The one when Wilson helped Webber: Also I have a silly one I drew when I found out what does Maxwell says about Broodling (it made me feel like he created Dragonfly and saw it grow from a little bug to this monster we know and love): Yes Maxy, you were young once And I don't care how much I like you, you still deserve to step on a Lego for creating this thing...
  5. Sure thing, be my guest! <3
  6. Wow thank you guys for reading, I'm glad you liked it! That was the plan all along, not only not using words is more universal, I also learn a lot about how to convey a thought without using dialogue, which is beneficial for every artist (at least I believe so :D). This time some short Wiggy comic I enjoyed drawing: And also if anyone wondered where does my avatar come from, some time ago I drew Charlie for funsies: As you're soon going to find out, I'm a huge fan of Charlie and Maxwell from before it all went wrong...
  7. I commited a meme recently, my lil sis likes it:
  8. So glad you like it! As I've just found out, I can't enlarge the comics in the post, because they are too long (the max length to keep the ratio is around 550 px - my comics are way longer), that's why they appear small, but in fact, they are quite large. As much as I'm sorry for the inconvenience, I can't do much about it (or I just don't know how to fix it) :/
  9. Hi everyone! I'm Anialina, I draw DST Survivor's comics, some quasi-lore comics and couple of arts in my free time. I just thought I'd share them. Feel free to suggest some ideas for the comics. ENJOY! 1. The one when Woodie found a worthy opponent: 2. The one when Warly had nothing to eat: 3. The one when Webber wanted to be a chef: [EDIT] unfortunately it's impossible to embed the whole images as they are too long - it's necessary to click and zoom :<