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  1. Finally Maxwell getting some love, I was wondering what happened to him (not that most of the squad would prefer him to be gone, no no...). And a proper CHIN. ALSO: Winona and Maxwell seeing our girl Charlie for the first time in years. How much I would like to see how it affected these two emotionally (I guess for Winona we can clearly see she's heartbroken to have to get out of the caves, for Max I have a feeling he knows he shouldn't trust Charlie anymore). I need a series, Kleeeeeeei.
  2. Wiggy has always had this actress playing Valkyrie vibe, and her singing is suddenly random? Wagner's Die Walk├╝re is an opera...
  3. I got Wickerbottom, and to be honest, I am somewhat like her in real life (minus the age!), which I didn't realize until now. And the last paragraph "Probably going out with your friends during holidays could be problematic since they obviously are not as organized as you are and this bothers you." I feel like you were inside my head when writing this... Nice quiz, I had a fun time! And props for some good taste in movies (Wicker's pic) ;D
  4. I repeat: BLESS THE WES <3 It's beautiful :3
  5. Well I had melee weapons in mind, since we have Walter anyway as a ranged character and e.g. triple dart Maxwell would be too OP in all circumstances.
  6. That would add so much to their utility, as well as reward a good Maxwell player who knows how to kite properly. I'd even make them have the same HP as Maxwell all the time, so that when Maxwell is taking damage, they take too (and vice versa) so there shouldn't be a big problem in PvP. I know this one wouldn't exactly fit in Maxwell's puppet master fantasy (as you have to take part in the battle, instead of using your pawns to do so for you), but on the other hand, as much as he would love to see himself as a former king of this world, Cyclum puzzles have already shown he does not have much power there anymore. Heck, I'd love to hear him complain when taking damage whilst having his duelists beside him. Also an interesting idea would be for duelists to be made of different weapons - the further you advance in the game, the more powerful you are (with all the drawbacks, like sanity drain - imagine double or triple the sanity drain on double/triple dark sword Maxwell with only 60 sanity, makes you think twice). The downside is still your hp and how well do YOU manage = giving the player a lot of agency.
  7. My sis and I play Wilson and Maxwell, and when we were trying to get to the Fuelweaver, we encountered 3 bishops in our way. Needless to say, I used her as a meatshield that day:
  8. Holy ****, I come back from summer break and I see PURE PERFECTION *________* Like really, I'm speechless, it's so perfect I'm saving it in my fap folder fanart collection!
  9. This beautiful style makes me want to see Wes doing some posing like JoJo <3
  10. After all the exam madness, I finally have some time to draw, and I present to you something small I did to brighten up our lives: 4. The one when Wilson helped Webber: Also I have a silly one I drew when I found out what does Maxwell says about Broodling (it made me feel like he created Dragonfly and saw it grow from a little bug to this monster we know and love): Yes Maxy, you were young once And I don't care how much I like you, you still deserve to step on a Lego for creating this thing...
  11. Sure thing, be my guest! <3
  12. Wow thank you guys for reading, I'm glad you liked it! That was the plan all along, not only not using words is more universal, I also learn a lot about how to convey a thought without using dialogue, which is beneficial for every artist (at least I believe so :D). This time some short Wiggy comic I enjoyed drawing: And also if anyone wondered where does my avatar come from, some time ago I drew Charlie for funsies: As you're soon going to find out, I'm a huge fan of Charlie and Maxwell from before it all went wrong...
  13. I commited a meme recently, my lil sis likes it:
  14. So glad you like it! As I've just found out, I can't enlarge the comics in the post, because they are too long (the max length to keep the ratio is around 550 px - my comics are way longer), that's why they appear small, but in fact, they are quite large. As much as I'm sorry for the inconvenience, I can't do much about it (or I just don't know how to fix it) :/