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  1. I have a sandbox server for testing stuff, but no lights besides fireflies appear to guide me through the darkness. charlie wont attack me, but none of my light sources let me see at night (tested with moon craters, glowcap, furnace, fire pit, endothermic fire pit, night light, lantern, moon mothling and reseting the server for the "new player light"). I can reveal the whole screen with moggles or a full moon, but lights dont seem to work at all. also sometimes these weird green stripes appear for no reason
  2. I was playing walter and woby had a meatball in her inventory. When I got close to the bunnyman village none of them attacked me, so I gave one a carrot and attacked another one with the gold ammo of the slingshot. Suddenly all the bunnyman were chasing me instead of the bunny I attacked