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  1. The fireproof falsetto is the one thing that sticks out to me for this refresh. Its just such a bizarre and incredibly useless "buff" because there's like 3 instances where you encounter fire while fighting. I really didnt expect much from this rework and I really like the song idea in general. But I think Klei could come up with something better than the fireproof falsetto. Other than that I think the rework is fine. Wigfrid now has more mechanics to help her and her teams for fights other than being a helmet slave. And I think that's all that was needed really. Of course her rework will pale in comparison to something like Wendy or Winona because they were awful/useless prior to their rework.
  2. Weaponized Warble is cool but I mainly use Ham Bats for like 99% of my combat. Is the Weather pain considered a "weapon" for this song? It seems like its only use is for the Weather pain, thulecite club and glass cutter, which again is cool but pretty niche. The healing ballad is amazing, very useful. The fireproof falsetto is very underwhelming. Unless the October content update is adding a bunch of mobs that do fire damage I see no purpose for this. Something that will require further testing is the one that scares mobs away. I wonder if it's possible for Wigfrid to solo Bee Queen similar to how Wendy can. You activate the healing song and during the 3rd and 4th wave every time the Bee Queen enrages her Grumbles you scare them away and continue smacking her. Again, I haven't used this one so I'd have to see how it actually pans out in game. You have the swamp in the overworld and in the caves. If that isn't enough reeds then I'm not sure how you're using them all. Especially since Wickerbottom spawns with 2 papyrus.
  3. it gives you the character skin (Winged victory) and its skin set, which is a body and leg piece. It does not give the spear or helmet skin, thats in a seperate bundle
  4. Yes! Default woodie and Willow look so bad to me now. And like someone else mentioned, the default football helmet skin gives me nightmares. Not dapper at all. There are some default skins that still hold up though. Like Wilson and Wolfgang and the walking cane
  5. I really like the spools and bolts system on console but as someone who is done with consoles and is going to make the switch to PC gaming next generation, it really is going to suck not having the skins and characters I have on console transfer over to PC. I know its probably not possible and not Klei's decision but allowing account merging would be sweet.
  6. Very well made video! Doesnt drag on for too long and shows you what you need to know. The moon event is one of my favorite events in DST, that moon callers staff is so strong
  7. I enjoy beefalo domestication a lot and most people definitely underrate how strong it is. My problem is that it really limits your gameplay experience, especially so if you rush a beefalo domestication. I sort of rushed an ornery beefalo domestication (finished day 35) as Wendy and once I was done the world felt boring. Everything died right away, your character themselves never takes health damage and you cant go into the caves. I dont think I went further than 60 days before deleting the world. I don't know how hard this would be to code but if you could bring your beefalo down into the caves that'd be awesome. Another thing that could bring more depth to beefalo taming is making the combat more in depth than hold f. Things like light attacks, heavy attacks with splash, blocking. Maybe for the ornery beefalo only. Adding more Tendencies (and saddles) would help too. This is getting a bit goofy maybe but if your beefalo spent more time in the caves than the overworld it could transform into a shadow beefalo with special abilities. Like a wortox soul hop every 60 seconds.
  8. The most basic nerf you could do to Wolfgang is make him not be able to use "scary" items, aka things from the magic tab and ancient pseudoscience station. You may say "Well that makes him boring to play" and my response to that is if you wanted to have fun, then why did you pick Wolfgang?
  9. Surf and Turf is secret OP in caves/ruins. I unironically bring a fishing rod with me in the caves because 2 eels and 2 monster meat make surf and turf. Obviously more viable as Warly because you can walk around with a crockpot in your pocket but its honestly a great recipe.
  10. That could be cool too. I could see them doing a variant of Wolfgangs mighty and wimpy form where you're Winnie, the animal loving vegetarian and then after X requirement is met, you "transform" into Wigfrid. But once again, I feel Im really bad at rework ideas lol. Its literally just a copy of Wolfgang.
  11. I would love to see Beefalo taming incorporated into her rework. Charging deerclops with a War Saddle Ornery Beefalo really captures Wigfrid's spirit and character very well. Problem is that taming a beefalo is actually a debuff to Wigfrid because her damage multiplier and resistance dont take effect. I dont even think her life leech takes effect. I could totally see a unique Unicorn themed saddle being added that allows the beefalo to life leech. Can even tie it into Ocean content and make it require a Gnarwail horn. OR maybe there can be unique beefalo tendency exclusive to Wigfrid where it transforms it into some mythical unicorn beast that has unique buffs. But just like Wigfrid, it only eats meat now. I know a lot of people don't enjoy beefalo taming, but I think this would fit the character very well. Since its obvious her battle spear and helm wont go away, maybe they could allow you to craft upgraded versions at an Ancient Pseudo Science Station. Combine the helm and some nightmare fuel and thulecite and you get an upgraded, more durable version of your helm. See, I dont know how they do it at Klei. I feel like I'm awful when it comes to brainstorming rework ideas. All I can think of is basic stat increases on things already in her kit lol. Can't wait to see how the rework plays out next month
  12. My favorites in DST are Woodie and Willow but recently I've chosen to play the most recent reworked character or I make throwaway worlds practicing rush strats. For public servers though, its almost always Wortox or Wendy. You cant rely on people especially on the PS4 version, the amount of children with no experience just shouting is hilarious. Public servers are a nice change of pace but I don't do them often. If I like the people there, I'll rush a boss or the ruins and leave them the OP gear and then head off. Dragonfly is probably the most important boss to rush if you want to help newer players. The infinite light source/heating is very valuable for Winter. If I join a world and its filled with base squatters (WHERE BASE?) or rude kids, I'll just chill in the caves because they NEVER go into the caves. If I want to make a megabase world on a private server with a friend or two, I'll almost always pick Woodie. I find it very valuable to be able to rush the lunar island for stone fruit and easily chop down trees with Lucy. They did a really great job on the Woodie rework, I'd love for it to come to singleplayer because man is he bad to play in DSA.
  13. Oh yeah, it makes sense when you think of it from that perspective.
  14. I dont have the Ashley skin but does Willow's examination quote even change when its on? I think it'd bother me seeing Woodie still call the axe Lucy, or Willow calling the stuffed animal Bernie.
  15. Lucy the axe reskins could be cool. They can have different names like Bernie's cat reskin. I actually forget whats the name of it though lol