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  1. Pretty sure I've already done this to link my steam account to my previously made Klei account (the one my PSN is connected to) to get Griftlands on steam. So this doesn't work. This is so unfortunate.
  2. Hello, I used to play DST on PS4 but recently made the switch to PC gaming over buying the new consoles. Now, is there any way to merge my old PSN account and all of its skins to my steam account? I have a boatload of skins that I bought and earned from twitch drops so if there's no way to merge the accounts together that's really going to blow...
  3. Oh great its out today! Was expecting it on Tuesday
  4. My favorites in DST are Woodie and Willow but recently I've chosen to play the most recent reworked character or I make throwaway worlds practicing rush strats. For public servers though, its almost always Wortox or Wendy. You cant rely on people especially on the PS4 version, the amount of children with no experience just shouting is hilarious. Public servers are a nice change of pace but I don't do them often. If I like the people there, I'll rush a boss or the ruins and leave them the OP gear and then head off. Dragonfly is probably the most important boss to rush if you want to help newer players. The infinite light source/heating is very valuable for Winter. If I join a world and its filled with base squatters (WHERE BASE?) or rude kids, I'll just chill in the caves because they NEVER go into the caves. If I want to make a megabase world on a private server with a friend or two, I'll almost always pick Woodie. I find it very valuable to be able to rush the lunar island for stone fruit and easily chop down trees with Lucy. They did a really great job on the Woodie rework, I'd love for it to come to singleplayer because man is he bad to play in DSA.
  5. Oh yeah, it makes sense when you think of it from that perspective.
  6. I dont have the Ashley skin but does Willow's examination quote even change when its on? I think it'd bother me seeing Woodie still call the axe Lucy, or Willow calling the stuffed animal Bernie.
  7. Lucy the axe reskins could be cool. They can have different names like Bernie's cat reskin. I actually forget whats the name of it though lol
  8. This one is still valid, thanks alot for this. Now to choose the Hunters Shovel or the pretty top hat...
  9. Excited for the Wigfrid update. She has cool skins and personality but just a boring playstyle that I could never convince myself to play her. Excited to see what they come up with, especially since the previous reworks were slam dunks in making the characters fun and viable. Bat bat crafting recipe+increased spawn of wings changes are very welcome. Now the Bat bat is worth crafting.
  10. Wortox really changed the character meta for DST. You can pretty much pick any character and do well when you have a Wortox on your team. This is coming from a console player who cant even take full advantage of the free lazy explorer teleports with how it works on controller. He's just that strong. The only thing I disagree with is that Wendy should be there with Wortox. She's definitely the most braindead character to play. Pretty sure my 6 year old sister who has trouble beating the tutorial level in Minecraft Dungeons could survive till winter as Wendy.