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  1. why not keep this for those that deal with grievers! i never get more than one mac tusk and people leave with walking canes. Also mandrakes. i have people take from the box and leave. i feel you need to make some items we are super limited on be less limited on PS4 or xbox. on PC they just poof make more we can’t. allow us to for crying out loud. i should be able to grow 1 mandrake a year or something. I want the same abilities they have on PC on Consol why can’t you make that happen? or provide us a locking mechanism for chess so I can lock it and only allow certain people to get in. The whole point of don’t start together is playing together but you’ve created a world of grievers who just come in to watch the world burn. You can only roll back five days and sometimes you’re stuck in the caves longer than that and come back to realize everything is destroyed. It’s a waste of time. I would switch but I’ve already spent over $100 on skins on PS4. None of those will transfer over to my online steam version.
  2. this is great! now how can I get new points to get the new items? Kinda a bummer you added things but the points don’t change or have the ability to get new points.
  3. added everything and got points. linked my PS4 account then bought 3 items. They haven't shown up in game and still are not options? What do i do?