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  1. Because I like to play the game the way I want. (without breaking balance and core gameplay)
  2. Maquina Rara The collector of fine specimens The zoo is expanding with exotic species (named with scientific names too)
  3. Playing as Winona and was farming Queen Bee. That specific time I learned various things: Catapults can harm you if they hit an enemy close enough to you Catapults can kill you in seconds Catapults will stunlock you if given the circumstances Never forget to set things to anything but PvP, even when playing solo... Another thing that happened to me was that, I was starving (yeah I know, it´s even in the title) and returning to base, then nas I was jumping some "boat bridges" I died, the funny thing was that most of my stuff fell into the ocean, mostly valuable loot that i went out for and my life amulet, so no revives...yeah.
  4. If you set the game to PvP, be careful using your own catapults as they can damage you. If they kill you the reason for death is stated as "Winona´s catapults" If you are fighting Dragonfly, do not exit the game and return, as it can deaggro and leave the battle inmediatelly when you return. If you manage to capture Bearger (in a lunar island or trapping him using lureplants for example), unless set for more beargers in the game settings, there will be no more instances of him. Making autumm much safer. Unlike deerclops, bearger doesnt despawn. Rockjaws doesn´t like being on any ground. If spawned using control commands, it will flail it´s way to the nearest ocean, using any sorts of constructions are ineffective, stone walls are destroyed, end tables and fossils are jumped over, lurelants are jumped over and destroyed. If you spare Klaus´s gem deers, those will never grow antlers, and will not create a pack. Hounds spawned by a varg are not hostile to the player by default, they will only attack if the varg targets you. The hounds will always try to stay next to the varg. Pigmen, just after waking up after a full moon, will destroy any obstacle between food and them. Antlion is the only seasonal boos to not use the seasonal boss music, if you fight treeguards, spider queens and/or bearger, the music will be different. All bosses have now sculptures, minibosses like treeguards, posion birchnuts and spiderqueens do not. If you equip a spider hat just right before a spider attack connects, all the other spiders will attack your attacker, making a potential civil war. If a damaged clockwork rook smashes broken clockworks and spawn another clockwork creature, the spawned clockwork will attack the rook, but will still be hostile to you though. Crabking is the only boss that cannot attack you directly, so using any armor is usless, on the other hand using a warming piece of clothing may help against it´s freezing attack.
  5. I went to Ruins and found the Ancient Guardian. And also found that there were two tombstones very conviniently placed, so I thought I could cheese him there. What I didn´t think of was to bring weapons, so I had only some spears and a batbat that I found in the chests, they were not enough, so I had to fist fight him...Yep, It took very long but I managed to kill him.