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  1. Player can get a 0% durability trap from failed survivor, as shown in the attached image. No mods were used and everything was set to default. It's probably because there is a spider den near this failed survivor and the trap got used up. The 0% trap can not be used to trap any mob when placed on ground and therefore lasts forever world seed: 1625693872, this small bug should be able to be replicated with any trap from a failed survivor
  2. As someone who has no sense of direction.., This is how I "play" the new mini game I just want the new profile icon why am I torturing myself Does the map change every time? It would be nice if it doesn't and this map helps someone else too .
  3. Keep getting "Dedicated server failed to start: There was some sort of trouble starting the server. Please try again". I am able to start up new worlds and I am able to join other servers. server_log(master).txt server_log(cave).txt
  4. It's totally fine! As far as I'm aware of, I didn't loose anything. Thank you so much for the help <3
  5. YES! It's fixed now! Thank you so much <3
  6. Hi, here is the client log I find. If there's another log I should post I would happily do so. Thank you so much for fixing this client_log.txt
  7. Hi, it's not fixed for me. I uninstalled and reinstalled the game again, sadly it's still not working
  8. Game won't start up. The icon of the game shows up in the dock for a few seconds then it disappears. I don't get to see the mod screen like the other reports I see. I tried verify game files and uninstall-reinstalled the game, didn't work. macOS Mojave Version 10.14.6 Edit: I was able to play the game 12 hours ago Edit2: I update the system to the newest version of macOS Big Sur, it's still not working
  9. In spring, the beefalos spawned by the inn trader attacks their owners (merm and pigman) and the contest is over. I'm not sure if this is intended.