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  1. Есть ли хоть один комикс от ONI?
  2. What do I mean by realistic duplicates? Emotions, behavior, intelligence, relationships, and logic. And so-Emotions. More emotions! For example, today the double is happy because of that there, and tomorrow fell into a depression. And also, emotions are not enough. We have anger, joy, approval, disapproval, sadness, fear. Add more emotions! Behavior. And here is more about the reaction to stressful situations. Somehow not enough of whiners, upchuck, gluttons and destroyers. Add duplicates suffering from Tourette's syndrome or those who will be prone to bipolar disorders, taking out anger on other duplicates, alcoholics, etc. Intelligence. Suicidality of course as an emotion this is interesting, but since they tend to build themselves up this is rather stupidity. Rapport. Let the doubles be at odds with each other, make friends, love, hate, do not react in any way. The closer they are to us in their way of thinking and all that, the better we will empathize with them. And finally logic. Please don't let them be stupid) Thank you.
  3. Yes, I didn't know what I was drawing, thank you.
  4. It is my first work which I publish to this forum. Say me please, is my work good, or is it bad? This Art is using Mosaic System And this is my second art, but it has not a background