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  1. The game reads the path and scan all .po file in this path, in the folder first, if missing, then in the .zip file. If you wanna do a DIY Japanese local, just put the files here, and change the key to anything you want but not the original ones. local settings = { id = "chinese2", name = "Chinese2", <----(Here, just text to show in Options) incomplete = true, font_settings = { title = { font = "fonts/", sdfthreshold = 0.35, sdfboldthreshold = 0.30 }, body = { font = "fonts/", sdfthreshold = 0.4, sdfboldthreshold = 0.35 }, button = { font = "fonts/", sdfthreshold = 0.4, sdfboldthreshold = 0.35 }, tooltip = { font = "fonts/", sdfthreshold = 0.4, sdfboldthreshold = 0.35 }, speech = { font = "fonts/", sdfthreshold = 0.4, sdfboldthreshold = 0.35 }, }, default_languages = { "zh_cn2", <----(Here, important key) }, } Content.AddLocalization(settings) Content.AddPOFileToLocalization(, "zh_cn2") <----(Here, important key)
  2. I found it easy. Just put 2 files in this folder. I can do A-B test without exiting the game, just switch to another one in Options. You don't have to name your localization a standard short name of that language, just as you wish.
  3. I appreciate it! I learned a lot when tried to working out Chinese localization. I am looking forward to check my work in 1 week!
  4. Hello JoeW, I'm asking for technical help here. I'm trying to work out Chinese localization, but found 18 {EXPEND}, 1 {HEAL}, 1 {attitude} and 1 {mean} problems by far. Some Expend is right, but some {EXPEND} is wrong. In below picture, Barbed Defense and Barbed Dawn is wroing, but Savage Devense is right. Feather more, if I change 2 pairs of Dominance key-value, 4 more cards will go wrong. #: MODIFIER.DOMINANCE.NAME msgctxt "MODIFIER.DOMINANCE.NAME" msgid "Dominance" msgstr "Dominance" #: NEGOTIATION_FEATURE.DOMINANCE.NAME msgctxt "NEGOTIATION_FEATURE.DOMINANCE.NAME" msgid "Dominance" msgstr "Dominance" Thanks for your reading.
  5. #: UI.OPTIONS_SCREEN.RESET_PROFILE_CONFIRM_BODY msgctxt "UI.OPTIONS_SCREEN.RESET_PROFILE_CONFIRM_BODY" msgid "You profile has been reset." msgstr "You profile has been reset."
  6. Day 1 here for me. Here is some spicy datamined piece that you might know: SPECIES = { HUMAN = "human", KRADESHI = "kra'deshi", SHROKE = "shroke", JARACKLE = "jarackle", BEAST = "beast", MECH = "mech", PHICKET = "phicket", SNAIL = "oshnu", }, I'm trying to translate Griftland into Chinese for my friends, but I had some problems by far. 1. Kind of bug report: notosans_cn_sdf don't support Japanes 平仮名 and 片仮名, but notosans_jp_sdf do support Chinese characters. 2. Any tool for managing translation easily? 3. For every pair of key-value in localization file like below, is msgid the newest value in English? Should I translate based on this? #: ADVANCEMENT.ADVANCEMENT_LEVEL_0 msgctxt "ADVANCEMENT.ADVANCEMENT_LEVEL_0" msgid "Normal" msgstr "ノーマル" Wish all guys a grift day!