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  1. I have don't starve for xbox one. I turned off Autosaving yet it still saves every time I try to quit the game by going into the xbox menu and stopping the game. It corrupts my game so when i come back it doesn't load. I am extremely close to never bothering with any of your company's games again because this seems like a completely useless feature where the game saves as you attempt to quit it. Every other game is adamant in telling the user how dangerous it is to quit while saving. I would become a loyal customer if you were to fix this issue or just simply allow some level of cheat codes into your console version of don't starve. I love everything else about the game but if I am met with technical issues every time I try to unlock Maxwell (I have been through an unbelievable amount of stress and heartache trying), I will put don't starve in the rear view and make sure to never buy another Klei game ever again. Games are supposed to be fun and redeeming and this situation is far from them.