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  1. Despite my apprehension to become a Griftlands bandit... the 5 Star Ranked Challenge temptation lead me onto a path of lawlessness. I hope you enjoy this Let's Roguelike Out Series Entry. Here is my latest attempt with Sal over 4 episodes: Run 3 Ep 1 Run 3 Ep 2 Run 3 Ep 3 Run 3 Ep 4
  2. I am jumping into my second, highly anticipated run of this wonderful game. If you like Let's Plays and Griftlands, come watch here: for part 2 go here:
  3. This is the link, I got an invite through reddit. Let me know if you run into trouble getting into the discord (I am new to discord myself.)
  4. To watch the Griftlands adventure unfold, starting with Sal, go here: Let's keep Rogueliking out with our latest entry to the series: Griftlands! This is a healthy start to an exciting adventure game set in a sci-fi world. We are Sal ik-Drerrick, freed from hard labor to hunt down the one who had us confined. Griftlands is a deck building roguelike, with rpg elements. So get ready for an action and diplomacy filled science-fiction adventure.