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  1. So I'm looking for someone to make a character mod. my price limit is £80. as a description for my character what i want it to do. Dragon Maid Form When she nearby players. She turns into her dragon maid form (i have an image a friend made). In Her dragon maid form She have increased cold resistance. She can craft quicker. (maybe about 40%) She can gain sanity if its possible she also gets plus 50 hp. In this form her hunger drains slightly quicker. (maybe about 15% quicker than regular) Light Weight Form When ever she is not near people she turns into a lightweight form (a friend drew this too). Which increases her protection against heat She can run 50% faster. She gains sanity from being nearby friendly mobs and critters. (possibly 0.5 a minute per friendly near by) She heals twice as much per food item and gets +35% food from food items. Each armour piece in this form is weaker. (maybe 35%) Basics Her base stats are 200 hp. 250 food and 180 sanity. Her sanity is instantly depleted when a player dies that is on screen. But when she sees them revive she gets 25% of her sanity back. She can also get resources faster and can pick up berry bushes saplings and grass without a shovel. (if possible has a 40% chance to get double the items from these) Plants she plants don't need fertilizer. (if this is possible. or maybe she has an item that immediately fertilizes all plants nearby and his infinite durability. She would also spawn with this.) She can make slightly better versions of each tool in the game. better durability and slightly more damage. (possibly like 25% more durability and 10% more damage?) She can almost make crock pot recipes without the use of a crock pot. but she will need to prototype them. Default items are a backpack and 2 bug nets. She can make winonas gadgets. And she can make the bramble trap (if you can. she can only make this in her dragon maid form) Left is lightweight. Right is dragon maid form.
  2. so i joined someone's server and i tried to select the default outfits. none of them worked. i went the the wardrobe and they still didnt work. i cant equpt any outfits on him that are unlocked by default.