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  1. IMPORTANT UPDATE: They ended up changing the cooldown on the PIrate Raids when moving to the main branch, alongside changing the weight in the inner circle and the chance in the middle circle. I've updated the post as best as I could to accomodate for that now, I do believe the cooldown is reasonable as of now so I've retracted all my complaints regarding that. The TLDR is updated so you don't need to read the whole post, you can just check there for an updated version now for anyone who's previously read it. @lakhnish I feel like you in particular would appreciate these changes lol. The monkey quantity hasn't changed, nor has the Prime Mate, but it's definitely much less likely to happen unless you're near the island, which is reasonable.
  2. Hello! I normally crawl out of my hole every millenia to hyperfixate on DST's lore. This is an exception, cus it seems alot of people don't really get the mechanics of the pirate raids and why people aren't too keen on them at the moment. The concept is absolutely fine, the issue comes with how plentiful both the frequency of raids and quantity of monkeys can be. So with that out of the way, I'll get right into it. IMPORTANT: I'm putting a TLDR for the mechanics at the very end, if you don't wanna bother reading the explanation. How do they spawn? The Timer So the first thing you need to know is when the game uses this formula to get the next time for a raid to possibly spawn. (TUNING.PIRATESPAWNER_BASEPIRATECHANCE*mult) + (math.random() * (1-mult) * TUNING.PIRATESPAWNER_BASEPIRATECHANCE ) The tuning value is 5xday_time, which is 1500 seconds. The multiplier depends on the day count. At below 10, it's 0.6, at below 20 it's 0.4, and so on until after day 80 where it'll be 0.2. What this means is at day 81 and past that, the timer will be (300 + (0-1200)). That is to say, the timer will be anywhere from 5 minutes to 3.125 days for the chance in the outermost zone. We'll go more into why I specified that soon. The effect of range Now, you need to know that these raids have a range of how far they'll cover, with the center of that range being the Monkey Queen. This range spans up to 200 tiles (a regular world is about 425x425 tiles). This here is a rough example of how large the range is (the black circle). While the island has a tendency to spawn near a corner, it doesn't seem to be directly in one and ends up taking up about a third of the map in more cases than some. Now you're probably wondering what the 3 circles are about. Well, the closer you are, the more likely the chance for a raid and the more 'weight' the raid timer gets. Weight What weight does essentially, is make the timer go down faster. At the outermost circle it goes down normally (300-1500 seconds), in the middle circle it goes down 2 times as fast (150-750 seconds) and at the inner circle it does down 4 times as fast (75-375 seconds). Chance Now you might be thinking "well I've been near the island before for longer than 3 minutes and never got raided" and that's because once this timer hits 0, it's a chance! Once it hits zero, it's a 10% chance to get raided on the outermost and middle circles, then a 20% chance in the inner circle. The Pirates themselves Okay so, they can spawn alot, but surely they're not that bad right? Well, yes and no. The amount of Powder Monkeys So, the amount of Powder Monkeys scales with the time. Below day 15 it's 2 monkeys with a 70% chance of an additional one Below day 30 it's 2 monkeys with a 70% chance of an additional one and a 30% chance for another Below day 60 it's 3 monkeys with a 70% chance of an additional one and a 30% chance for another At day 61 and above it's 4 monkeys with a 70% chance of an additional one. That is to say, after day 61 you'll more than likely get 5 Powder Monkeys. So what do they do? Upon reaching your boat, they have a very specific set of actions they do. They'll drop your anchor, break your masts if they're moving the boat, raise your malbatross masts, and then loot your chests and then you. Once they steal 4 x the amount of powder monkeys present, they'll leave. If they steal from you, they won't damage you unless you hit them first, in which case all of them deal 27.2 damage (axe damage). The Prime Mate will stay on their boat and defend it, or leave if all the Powder Monkeys are dead and you're not on the boat. The Prime Mate is a stronger Krampus essentially. 350 HP, 51 damage, and an attack period of 1 with its animation being much faster than Krampus, making it very hard to kite on a boat of all things. They'll likely get a free hit on you if you're going onto their boat as well. How can you avoid them? Well, there's quite a few ways actually if you end up getting the raid. They won't bother you if you're asleep, if you hit their boat with a cannon they'll leave, if you give them enough items they'll leave,, if you give them a banana or cooked banana (just one) they'll leave, if you're Wonkey they'll leave. So, quite alot of non-violent ways to deal with this. All of which however, net you nothing but stolen loot. Now that loot IS in an X marks the spot somewhere on the map, but you're talking about 1 small X on the entire map. While you can find it and it always spawns on the shore, it's gonna be incredibly tedious. How can you fight them? Not well! Is the answer. Now for the sake of this argument, we'll assume there's no character specific solutions. No Wendy, no Wolfgang, no Wigfrid, no Wormwood, no Wonkey. If I had to be a specific character just to go fight Crab King because my world generation decided to hate me, that'd just suck. There should be a route for all characters so we'll be doing that. Furthermore, we're assuming you're killing 5 powder monkeys followed by the Prime Mate for the Tricorn Hat/Black Flag/Battle Paddle/Map alongside the Cutlesses and Bandanas from the regular monkeys. So, kiting can't really work. You're on a boat, very little place to actually kite 5 enemies who are on the boat. With Malbatross it's just one and they aren't on the boat so there's more wiggle room there. Well what about tanking? Well you're dealing with 5 monkeys dealing 27.2 damage each with a fairly short attack period. With a log suit and spear you'd almost surely be dead unless you have alot of healing foods and multiple log suits or football helmets. With a dark sword it's more manageable but you'll more than likely be almost dead. Which is fine, you have food, though you'll certainly take alot of resources to do that. With a marble suit and a dark sword you lose a negligible amount of health and about 50% of the marble suit, meaning one suit is good for 2 raids basically. Which sounds fine until you remember they can come quite frequently if you're unlucky (which you will be, eventually). Well, tanking seems to have okay results. What about a pan flute? Well, the monkeys have herd mentality. That is to say, they'll wake up early once you hit one of them. You can kill about 2 before they fully wake up but then that means you'd likely need at least 2 uses of a pan flute for 1 raid. That'sssss okay until you remember the frequency of these as well. Pan flute might not be super used but the frequency of use in this scenario would actually be quite a bit high. Ice staff? Well, maybe! Issue is the ice staff counts as a hit to the monkeys so they'll be angry, and you can freeze one or mayyyybe two before they reach your boat. At which point they'll attack properly. The issue with ice staffs is you need to constantly try to retarget otherwise you'll just keep freezing the same one, and on console/controller that's just....not gonna work out even more because of how targetting works there. Fire staff? You'll burn your own boat. There's no stopping them coming to yours outside of a cannon, and then you get no loot. You could have a flingo to freeze them as well but.....we're getting into cheese territory there and that's just something that's up to a matter of taste. If you wanna, go for it. If not, then don't. Cannons? You CAN drown the monkeys with 2 shots. The only issue is the Prime Mate goes overboard sooooo no loot from them. All you get are Powder Monkey loot (atm it seems bugged so no trinkets) Followers? Followers would work! The issue is that if you turn into Wonkey then Pigmen and Bunnymen get hostile to you even if previously loyal. That means you can pretty much just do 1 raid before you need to go to the Moon Quay to get the trinkets off of you. Granted you probably would want to do that anywayyyyy but not everyone would want to and maybe you're Wonkey already so, no followers. Wortox and Webber also get this issue. Wurt doesssss if the King isn't active and the Merms are homeless. So as we can see! Not much options to confront these guys head on. Klei seems to want to incentivise just killing them when you're prepared and otherwise giving them some loot, given that yesterday they made the max cap on the Powder Monkeys 1 higher (from 4 to 5) and provided us some leeway with them simply stealing from you rather than also dealing damage. With that being said.....having one solution which actually nets you loot be made even harder definitely isn't the way to go about it. It'd be one thing to just keep it at 4 max and even then it'd still be a tad too much. 5 is just excessive. What would make it more reasonable? Dealing with 5 powder monkeys and an (essentially) Krampus is too much ESPECIALLY when the Accursed Trinket briefly stuns you up to well....5 times, granted if you're on your own boat then it's only a problem 4 times but 80% of the time isn't really an improvement from 100%. It makes it so you deal even less damage to em. Alot of people have suggested this but scaling it with people rather than time would be much better. 3 powder monkeys is much more reasonable to deal with at once. It'll hurt for sure, but you won't neeeeeed some of the best armor or loot to fight them. To compensate as well with trinkets, the Prime Mate could potentially hold 2 so you still go Wonkey within 2 raids if anything. The raids are a great concept. I love them and I know alot of people like them as well. The raids are still by all means something to look out for and like all things in this game, they only seem less scary or annoying because you have the knowledge of how they can be handled, but just because you do doesn't mean it isn't still annoying to try to get something out of them. Thanks for everyone who magically read my thesis statement. Sorry this probably isn't what you were expecting from me but given that the update is coming out tomorrow, I felt like people need a proper idea on how this mechanic works to see that it's still not quiiiiite there in terms of being player friendly (before you say this game shouldn't be player friendly, I'm talking about game design wise. You can't argue that the game design shouldn't be player friendly because it's supposed to be hard. Even difficulty can be done tastefully rather than artificially.) That's all for now though, see you around and I hope you enjoyed my silly little post. TLDR: After day 81 (you get 4-5 Powder Monkeys by now alongside the fastest time): Within 75 tiles of the Monkey Queen: 20% chance every 1.25-6.25 minutes to get a raid. Within 150 tiles: 10% chance every 2.5-12.5 minutes to get a raid. Within 200 tiles: 10% chance every 5-25 minutes to get a raid. Game map's normally about 425x425 tiles and given the position of the island most of the time, the raids will encompass about a third of the map normally. Powder Monkeys deal 27.2 damage and will only attack if you attack first (herd mentality so they'll all attack and will wake up early). Prime Mate deals 51 damage and is essentially Krampus on a boat, which is something that has given me trauma with accordion noises as of now. 5 angry monkeys followed by boat Krampus alongside Accursed Trinket stunning is pretty much only doable with tanking if you want the drops, which is still a resource drain and shouldn't be the only way to get their loot (Prime Mate hops overboard before a boat breaks so you can't get the loot from destroying the pirate boat with a cannon or something).
  3. It seems that because fish eat bait in the trawler now, they eat anything that's within their diet in the trawler, which includes other fish apparently?
  4. Hello! If you're reading this you probably want monkey lore. There's not a whole lot to talk about with regards to the lore this time, seemingly intentionally because it's a 'setting the stage' update. With that being said I'll still provide you with all that I can in terms of monkey lore. So, the update has alot of crazy things. Monkey pirates, turning into a monkey, bushes that grow bananas........., but most importantly, the Unnatural Portal (and the debris around it). It looks like our friendly neighborhood inventor, Wagstaff, has been tinkering with dimensional travel and caused what seems to be a tear in space and time to show up. What's interesting about this is we've known Wagstaff's had some success with dimensional travel, having been the one to give Webber's dad the spider which would eventually be part of Webber, throwing WX-78 into the portal, and even scouting the Constant as a hologram in both DS and DST. The best and most recent example in terms of the timeline would be that he was able to siphon the Celestial Champion's energy and contain it in a structure that was a projection just like he was. So evidently, he's able to interfere with things even if he's not physically near them. So the fact that we now see there's some sort of consequence to his meddling with space and time is interesting. There are other things which allude to Wagstaff as well. Once of which will probably go unnoticed to most people but if you generate enough Moon Quay islands you realise there's a pattern to them. It has a distinct shape of two 'eyes', a mess of 'hair' and three docks which you can interpret as either teeth or a bushy moustache. This could be a stretch but it seems that the monkeys designed the island to look like Wagstaff. On top of that, the Queen of the Moon Quay's 'throne' is labelled as 'Moon Bed' in the image files and if she's happy from being given a banana, she can have a quote saying "THE GREAT SKY BANANA SMILES THIS DAY.". This could just be the monkeys seeing the crescent moon and thinking "Oooooo banana" or it could be related to Wagstaff's tampering with lunar energy leaving an impression on the monkeys. Either way, the old codger's been up to something and whether he realises he's tearing a hole in space and time, who can say for certain. We aren't sure why anything from the portal is spewing out of there, let alone seemingly cursed monkeys. I say seemingly cursed because one of the major things in the update is that upon acquiring 10 Accursed Trinkets, which you only get from killing Powder Monkeys, you turn into a monkey yourself. There interestingly isn't any interesting quotes for the trinkets themselves, though while turning into a monkey Maxwell makes the comment that he doesn't recognise the kind of magic it's using. Other than turning someone into a monkey, it's also cursed so that it can't leave your person. The only thing capable of taking the trinkets away from you is the Queen of the Moon Quay, who reaches out to you and has her hand glisten with some magic, before taking the trinkets and just putting it under her crown. She also makes some comments with regards to changing you back as well. MONKEY_QUEEN_REMOVE_CURSE - "YOU WOULD RETURN SUCH A GIFT? SUIT YOURSELF.", "YOU WISH TO RETURN TO THAT HIDEOUS FORM? VERY WELL.", "I CAN'T FATHOM WHY YOU'D GIVE IT UP, BUT I'LL HONOR OUR ACCORD." So it seems she sees the form as a gift, perhaps she might even have a part to play in the curse itself since she's the only one who can seemingly remove it. This is all to say we aren't sure whether the monkeys are monkeys who became pirates or pirates who became monkeys, but seeing as how all but the Prime Mate drops a trinket only on death, it seems they could be transformed as well. Walter seems to have the same theory ("Maybe they're pirates cursed to be monkeys! Or monkeys cursed to be pirates...") All of this to really say, we don't really know what's happening yet? It's clear Wagstaff has committed some mistakes and it's seemingly destroying some of his machinery as well as bringing objects from other planes into the constant. Whether he was using the monkeys or they're just from another weird world in the universe of Don't Starve is uncertain. We know that other strange dimensions exist outside of the Constant, since seemingly Wortox isn't from there but is still a magical creature, and he's canonically gone to the Terraria universe (whether you want to treat that as canon is up to you but for the sake of dimensional tomfoolery, I'm counting it). It's possible Wagstaff's making the world of the Constant even more unstable somehow, only time will tell. But if it is that he's unintentionally leaking other dimensions into it, I think it's a great way for Klei to add stuff that seemingly doesn't fit with the world, like random pirate monkeys and BUSHES THAT GROW BANANAS, I WILL NEVER GET OVER THIS KLEI. Just to wrap up with some small tidbits: The Powder Monkey Huts (forget what they're called) strongly resemble the machine Wagstaff contains the Celestial Champion's essence in, which just further cements that it's Wagstaff's influence and could potentially allude that these are either prototype machines that are being dumped into the Constant or he's planning to store even more energy. which is a can of worms to think about. There's also an inverted portal animation that seemingly isn't used yet. Based on the way it moves, it seems to be sucking stuff up rather than spewing it out like the one we have ingame. I imagine this might not be unused necessarily, but it's something we might see in the future. @QuartzBeam has the theory that all the 'setting the stage' updates might involve things generating from these sorts of portals, which I could totally see and would love. ALSO, Wilson made the Nautopilot and I don't know whether to be proud of him or not. The man could've just made a bigger boat but no, a giant magnet to carry around MORE boats is what he decided to make. Never change Wilson, never change. Lastly, just appreciate how half of the survivors either find surface bananas super weird because they're used to cave ones, or they're wondering why the bananas are growing on bushes: That about wraps it up. Not much to talk about unfortunately (but damn if I didn't talk...). I could've gone on with some of the sillier lore bits, like how Wendy's quote for turning into a monkey ("Stop laughing Abigail, it's not funny.") shows that Abi's still got her old personality, which you can't really tell otherwise (shoutouts to Quartz for showing me this) but I don't want to keep you guys from reading this more than I already am. Thanks again for anyone who made it to the end, see you next time when it turns out Wagstaff has just been trying to make the perfect treatment for male pattern baldness using some toenail clippings, monster meat, and the essence of an ancient deity.
  5. While the Merm King is active, it should be providing a bonus loyalty per hunger perk to Merms and Merm Guards. This doesn't work however since apparently the game calculates the loyalty bonus before the King's bonus is applied to the 'loyalty_per_hunger' variable.
  6. Wurt's quote for Deerclops ("She not look happy, florp") and the Glass Eyebrella skin's description ("Somewhere in the Constant, there's a Deerclops missing her contact lens) are inconsistent with the other quotes referring to Deerclops as a male (which can be argued to be outdated as a result since these two quotes were recently added). These include: Maxwell's Deerclops quote: "Even I'm afraid of that guy." Webber's Deerclops quote: "He might be able to digest us!" Willow's Announce Deerclops quote: "That sounded like a big mean monster man!" Wolfgang's Announce Deerclops quote: "Sound like big strong man coming." Wolfgang's Deerclops quote: "He looks mightier than me!"
  7. Hello! You know why I'm here, and I know why you're here so let's get down to examining WX-78's lore. So in order to contextualise the short better, we should first look at the Compendium entry since that provides us with a general timeline on what happened. WX-78's Compendium Entry As we can see, the text in it has been manipulated, or isn't found. We can discern that the perfectly coherent ones at the least are from WX's manipulation of the info (RESOUNDING SUCCESS, and A SHORT-SIGHTED FOOL, AFRAID OF PROGRESS). Given the need they had to insert that, we can infer that the experiment regarding WX was likely a failure, and that Wagstaff, seeing the risks, put a stop to further testing. The binary at the end translates to 'TOO LATE TOO LATE TOO LATE', which we'll see the context for as we analyse the short. Now with regards to the short: The first noteworthy things are 1. The initial perspective of these memories are from a human. We see them alongside Robert Wagstaff experimenting on small animals, with a rat being implanted with cybernetics and being extremely irritable or erratic. The human notes this and theorises the organic components are to blame for the behaviour, rather than the cybernetics themselves. It's important to note that as it shows the mentality this person is going into these experiments with. Rather than the surgically implanted cybernetics on the mouse being the cause of erratic behaviour, their theory is the organic parts are to blame for it. Next we see the human looking at blueprints for WX-78, putting on something onto their head and next thing you know, our perspective changes to WX-78, with Wagstaff seeming surprised on the results of the experiment. Something important to note is it LOOKS like their empathy module isn't damaged unlike earlier in the short while Winona is repairing it. It could potentially be an oversight, it could be that it was damaged during the scuffle in the short, or it could be that it was tampered with before the events of the short but after these memories we see. It's important to note that Klei states the empathy module working is what causes the memories to re-emerge in WX and they would have preferred them buried, so it's possible at some point WX deactivated their empathy module as they saw it as a needless organic component to themselves. It's at this point things get a bit messy and we need to take a much closer look at what's going on. We see Wagstaff and WX working on something, which given the design of, we can infer is the portal to the Constant that Wagstaff eventually goes into in Winona's short (shoutouts to Mocha the Hyper on the Dont Starve discord for pointing this out). We see WX looking at their hands while they flash from their now robotic appearance to their formerly organic selves, followed by Wagstaff seeming concerned about WX. It's at this point I think is when Wagstaff sees the risks of the experiment and discontinues it, as WX seems to be somewhat unaware of their nature as an organic or their mind is having trouble being compatible with an inorganic body, perhaps. If this is the point in the Compendium where it's discontinued, then we can infer that next would be that WX, trying to perfect their work, works in secret on themselves until Wagstaff finds out. We see WX destroying notes on themselves and throwing them away, proceeded by Wagstaff confronting them in a room full of other WX-78 models. Based on the Compendium, it would seem that WX was created more models of themselves to try and perfect their model and upon seeing that Wagstaff would find out, attempted to destroy the evidence. Wagstaff confronts them with disapproval and WX throws a machine part at them, possibly in anger, to which Wagstaff returns a displeased expression Lastly in these memories, we see Wagstaff burning the WX-78 models, which likely tie into WX's campfire/firepit line of "IT REMINDS ME OF SOMETHING", showing that again, these memories were buried at some point. Then after seeing WX's reflection flicker between them and their former human appearance, we see Wagstaff looking at them with the same discontent expression as before, this time as WX is being pulled into the Constant. Due to Wagstaff's expression, WX's secret work on themselves and their lashing out at Wagstaff, it could be inferred that the argument ending with Wagstaff pushing WX into the portal in anger as they were deemed dangerous due to how their mannerisms had become. Whether their mannerisms changed due to the empathy module being inert due to WX's interference to try and perfect themselves, or the empathy module was deactivated once they came into the constant so as to forget these memories however, who can say. What matters is who WX once was was no longer who they are now, and that they displayed erratic behaviours themselves, even without organic components. It's at this point WX in the present day rips out their empathy module and destroys it, burying the memories once more and forever more, with the events to them being that Wagstaff couldn't see the potential they had and that they, WX, were in the right the entire time. That about wraps up the analysis and my interpretation of events, I hope you all enjoy the read! Tune in next time when Wickerbottom gets revealed to be 5 cats in a trench coat. EDIT: @-Variant brought one last thing to my attention that WX's voice files are referred to as 'Woodrow' rather than WX, possibly being the engineer/scientist's original name. Now these voice files are ANCIENT and who WX was back then may not be who they are now, so keep in mind this could have been an oversight by Klei. Note: who they once were doesn't mean it's who they are now. So please don't use this as an excuse to refer to WX as he/him. If you do that under the pretense they wouldn't care, you gotta admit referring to WX as such because of who they were as an organic would bother em.
  8. So the refresh has been out for a little under a day now, I feel like enough time has passed and I've fiddled with enough things where I can give some suggestions now and have it not be because 'woah new shiny thing'. So here's my overly long take on it. With regards to the circuits themselves, the main two I'd have some issues with would be Dronemaster and Chorusbox. Dronemaster at the moment is the Super Process Circuit, except it's 3 prongs, requires jellybeans which entails killing Bee Queen (scanning too but that's fine since pan flutes exist if need be), and all it does on top of the Super Process Circuit's perks (75 max sanity and +2 sanity a minute) is give you 1 hp about every 15 seconds, for a total of 32 hp per day (Side note because I know someone might say something about this: you can get royal jelly from Klaus for jellybeans but let's be honest, Klaus gets used as an exception case for these sorts of things alot and it always just amounts to relying on a once an in-game year loot box and saying that's as valid of a way as the more direct route). Now you can stack Dronemaster onto itself for 64 hp a day but, ultimately if you can kill Bee Queen, which is the expectation here, you more than likely have the resources necessary to heal as you please and as a result the strength of this passive healing wouldn't be significant enough to feel as though you shouldn't. I think potential routes to take with it could be: 1. Making it 2 prongs instead of 3, 2. Increasing the strength of the health regen so it's more noticeable, 3. Combining it with the gastroexpansion circuit and providing an hp buff as well to make it an all round stat buff and helping to maintain each stat in a minor way (I still think the hp regen should at least be slightly faster in this case too), though likely increasing the prongs in that last suggestion, maybe (preferably not but, I can see why one would do so for this). With regards to the Chorusbox circuit, I like the concept alot. The only problem is while the tending effect is nice, it's probably one of the niche-er things to do and outside of it the sanity aura is around 2.8+ a minute, which sounds nice until you realise people would have to hug WX to really feel it. It is stronger than the super processing circuit's sanity regen, which is nice, but it's not strong enough to warrant using it for more than a few seconds for tending, and even then the circuit system incentivises being more mindful with your circuits so it feels counterproductive to have one that doesn't have a decent effect for long term use, especially when it's 3 prong. Possible (separate) changes that could help it: 1. Making it a 1 prong circuit and putting a cap on the sanity gain from it, 2. Making the regen and the aura stronger, with the aura in particular being even stronger, or 3. Making it have a one man band effect but limiting the number of followers it attracts. The Optoelectronic circuit, people have been talking about it being too accessible since you can easily get it on day 1, whereas the Illumination circuit is much harder to find but it's a more limited field of range in exchange for providing light to nearby players. It' a weird spot in my opinion. I think the best possible route might be to change the recipe so instead of requiring a Moleworm, it'd be a Glowberry. Now there's an issue there with depth worms being used for unlocking the illumination circuit, but I think it being used for Optoelectronic alongside Moleworms would be fine instead (could make Fireflies scannable for the illumination circuit as well, on that note). Finally with circuits, the Gastroexpansion circuit needs a thick fur to craft, while giving 75 extra hunger and making the rate at which WX's hunger drains 85% (and it's stackable). I think a thick fur makes it too undesirable to make and making it require a Slurper pelt (a drop from a mob you can scan to unlock it) would be much more accessible. Also worth noting that Slurper pelts, despite being more accessible than Thick Fur, have only 1 crafting recipe as well. So it could use some love. With regards to prongs, at the moment it's a bit unfortunate that you can't really have 5 prong circuits, because they're essentially the same as 6 prong ones. There's only one 1 prong circuit (the Hardy Circuit) which adds 50 max hp. Now that's nothing awful but it does feel like a consolation prize if that's the only thing you could theoretically equip with a 5 prong circuit, and I think that lack of options is what also hurts potentially buffing stuff to be much stronger while also increasing its prong size (it makes sense but at the same time, the lack of options would make it seem not worth it when looking at 2 and 3 prong circuits). Not to say there should be enough 1 prong options to make it plentiful to mix and match, but it would be good to have 2 or 3 minor effects you can achieve with 1 prong circuits so you still have options in the event of a 5 prong one. 1 prong circuits would also just be nice to add to 2 and 3 prong circuit builds as well. Lastly, Wx's stats at the moment are 150 hp, 200 sanity, and 150 hunger. The sanity got increased during the beta and they now have the base stats all characters do. Back when DS first came out, they started with 100 of each which was then changed to 150 of each in DST. Most people are used to this and I can understand changing it isn't needed, but it's worth noting that they started off with 100 of each and upgraded their stats over time and now they can just do that or completely choose to ignore their circuits and just be a vanilla character who doesn't like rain and thinks stale and spoiled food is fine. Not to say they need a big downside either, having small ones are fine, and it's for that reason I think that tuning the values to 100 each again, or even 125 each, could be good (also from a lore perspective given the new compendium entry, WX was a failed experiment and I assume it's because they had flaws in their system and that's why they're modifying themselves to be perfect now, because Wagstaff and [REDACTED] didn't want to push it too far. So them having below average stats as a flaw makes sense]. Thaaat wraps up my current suggestions for the refresh. For now. Thanks for reading!
  9. OHMYGOD IT FINALLY HAPPENED. I'VE WANTED THIS FOR MONTHS NOW. This is great, I'm so happy about this you have no idea. This is also great! Finding Crab King was a chore and we only had the edges of the map to base the location of the island off of. This is a great hotfix ohmygod.
  10. Actually his quotes for the Fountain of Knowledge would indicate he made all the clockworks He basically saw the parts from the fountain among other machine parts from the Ancients and tried to recreate them and ended up with the bishop. By extension that'd likely mean he also made the rooks and knights. If I had to guess why the ones in the Ruins are so damaged it'd be that he abandoned the caves a while back (which we know from his sinkhole quote "I plugged it up a long time ago".) so they just never got any maintenance after a while.
  11. When an security pulse hits a Sentrypede Husk, it always revives regardless of what state it's in.