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  1. One thing I forgot to mention! After you defeat the Celestial Champion, the Celestial Orb also gets access to all the celestial crafting recipes and emits light when it's active (I believe the stations also get access to the orb's recipes but I could be wrong there). On top of that given how the Lunar Siphonator was build, it's likely that it was siphoning energy from both the Mysterious Energy as well as the Celestial Orb. Given that its prefab name is 'moonrockseed' and the fact the champion only came down when we added the Celestial Orb and completed the structure, if my theory about Alter is correct then it's possible that the Celestial Orb is a literal seed that has the potential to either become a vessel for Alter or become another weaker version of Alter entirely. But again, that's just a theory and I don't have much to support it. It just seems likely that it'll be used again sometime in the future as a result given the attention it garnered from the moon.
  2. MY THEORIES ARE IN SHAMBLES. But in all seriousness hi! You know what I'm here for and I know what you're here for. We're gonna look at the implication of the new lore added in this update and based on what I've seen, I can tell you that it's a doozy. Now first thing's first, you access the new content by socketing all 3 Celestial Stations (the Altar, Tribute, and Sanctum) near to each other and once you do that there's a Mysterious Energy that appears in the middle of them. This starts a chain of events, the most notable one being the new moonstorm event that happens. Randomly on your mainland you'll encounter a new storm event which is essentially a hurricane ravaging the land, causing lightning to strike and leave infused moonglass in its place. Not only that but every night until the event is over, it will be a full moon and insanity will be replaced by lunacy on the surface. The three celestial stations (the Sanctum, Tribute and Altar) all have a very distinct sound when they're active, almost like radio static when you're trying to find a frequency, or a Geiger meter when it detects radiation. I'm of the belief that these stations channel the moon's energy and by placing them all close together you channel an immense amount of it into the constant, which allows its to power to affect it greatly. Next, while exploring the moonstorm's area you'll encounter a face. A very familiar face... It's none other than Robert Wagstaff himself! The old inventory and central character to the story's finally made himself known, although he's not quite there. While it is most likely him, he's using a projection of himself to investigate the moonstorm. This is similar to his character in Don't Starve (the singleplayer game) where he has a projection effect on himself and a unique tag called 'outofworldprojected'. It should be noted that we see his actual body go into the constant in Winona's cinematic, so it seems likely that the real Wagstaff is somwhere safe in the constant while he projects himself and his tools to do his work while not risking his life. He gives us two blueprints, one of which is for an 'Incomplete Experiment' and asks for our assistance. We follow him and eventually he stumbles upon what he's looking for and asks for us to help him with containing it. After fighting off flocks of mutated crows and birds and finding his very obscure tools for him, he finishes his work and allows us to take the 'Restrainted Static' and the moonstorm ends, with another starting elsewhere. While his intentions for doing all of this are unclear, it appears he sealed away the source of the storm and intends for us to use it, as the Incomplete Experiment requires you to. Remember this? This is the experiment! You can construct it where the Mysterious Energy is and it gains the name of 'Lunar Siphonator' and you have to build it in 3 stages, with the final stage needing the Celestial Orb and all using the 'static' wagstaff contains which would be the power of the moonstorms, energy infused moonglass and physical energy from the storms called 'Moongleams'. Once you complete it, the Celestial Champion appears. This behemoth uses all 3 celestial stations for its forms, with it using the Sanctum, then the Altar, then the Crown respectively. Once you defeat it for a third time, Wagstaff shows up and steals the source of its energy, leaving it inactive and letting us get all the moon glass and moon rocks from it as well as the Enlightened Crown. The crown is said to whisper to the survivors and interestingly for Wendy, it makes it harder for Abigail to be seen. Given that Abigail's flower seems to use shadow magic to bind Abigail to it (given the crafting recipe requiring nightmare fuel, take this with a grain of salt though as obviously Abigail's flower isn't craftable in canon most likely. It's simply for gameplay mechanics), it would appear that the crown enhances us and is powered by celestial magic and since it weakens shadow magic around it. As for the Champion themselves, Wortox and Wickerbottom both imply that the Moon sent it down as it wasn't happy with us siphoning the magic from the Mysterious Energy and the Celestial Orb. Furthermore, its prefab name is 'AlterChampion'. Sound familiar? In my Forgotten Knowledge lore post I mentioned how Maxwell kept seeing a name in the Lunarune Glyphs and it was surmised to be 'Alter' by him. 'Alter' likely being the name of the lunar entity and the Celestial Champion being its strongest minion it can send down to defend itself from Wagstaff's machine and us. Winona seems to believe that Wagstaff might have planned to steal the energy from the champion since the beginning and WX seems to believe he isn't to be trusted, both of these characters having connections to him as Wagstaff was her boss back at the Voxola Factor and WX being an invention by Wagstaff himself. What does this all mean? I have no clue! Wagstaff coming back into the spotlight certainly means something though. Had it not been for him the characters likely would've never ended up where they are now since he was the one who invented the Radio, Gramaphone and Maxwell seemingly based the Teleportatos off of his own designs, including the ones leading to the throne (this is a discussion for another time however). What I do know however is this, Maxwell's given us some very key dialogue to piece everything together. Throughout this expansion Maxwell's made various comments related to Lunar stuff which implies the presence within them feels very familiar, but he shrugs off the possibility of what they could be. That is, until we defeat the Celestial Champion. When this expansion started, I began to believe the moon was Them. Eventually I settled back on thinking that perhaps the shadow entity from beyond the ancient gateway is Them. But now this had me thinking, what if it's both and even more? What if Them refers to a collective of unknowable entities that exist within the world of Don't Starve? This sounds crazy at first but consider this, the moon's power has been increasing lately and it was once worshipped by the Ancients, similar the shadow entity. The shadow entity lies in a dimension beyond the Ancient Gateway. The only dimensions we can currently access through the Gateway would be the Forge and the Gorge. The Forge contains Pugna, who felt betrayed by the Throne and Them and was seemingly abandoned and exiled by Them. The Gorge contains the Gnaw, an immensely large mouth in the sky which has the ability to turn people into Merms if its endless appetite isnt satisfied. What if They were all sealed away and the gateway dimensions are where they were all primarily kept? What if Pugna's dimension was abandoned by the entity which once resided there, leaving Pugna and the Gnaw is another one of Them? It would explain why the gateway dimensions exist to begin with and account for the shadow entity. It would also explain Mumsy and Pugna referring to us as 'Gatekeepers'. During the course of both events they would ask if we were Gatekeepers and refer to us as such. In the Metheus Puzzle we can see that one of the Ancients would control the Gateway to channel nightmare fuel from the shadow entity in another dimension. That Ancient could've been a gatekeeper, who has the authority to access these dimensions for various reasons such as seeking power or favor from Them. Furthermore I initially thought that Metheus could be the queen of the ancients perhaps but given the focus on the shadow entity and our 'presence' being noticed by something when we complete it, along with the moon entity likely being called 'Alter' it could be that the shadow entity is in fact Metheus. This would mean that the Return of Them isn't just one entity like Metheus or Alter but infact, multiple entities, likely through the use of the Gateway or a newly constructed gateway. The Sealed Portal may be used in all of this. The characters including Maxwell and Wortox both allude to it being a way out of the constant and it may very well be but it could potentially have other uses as well. After all, we're not sure why the Ancients would build a portal that has access to Earth, but it's possible. It could also explain how the Codex Umbra ended up on Earth and in the hands of Maxwell, who knows. That's just my two cents on what this could all mean and what this is leading up to though. I've been wrong before and I'll likely be wrong again in the future so don't take what i say as gospel. I'm not sure if Charlie's plans have accounted for Wagstaff's interference or if Wagstaff and Charlie are potentially working together. We can theorise for now but for the time being we don't have enough evidence to assume where this is all going. Previously I believe that the Mysterious Energy would bring about some unknowable entity and we would fight them and Charlie would take it for her plans and that proved to be mostly right, save for it being Wagstaff instead of Charlie. Now we're left in the blind. All we know is that Wagstaff is on the move with extremely powerful celestial magic, Charlie is still on the move to finish her plans and They are going to return, and if my theory is right then when They return, it's going to be absolute chaos. Alot of people seem to think the story of Don't Starve Together is coming to a close but given all the build up we've had and what's to come, I think we're just getting started. But again, I could be wrong. Thank you so much for reading all of this if you've read it until the end! I'm currently working on a document compiling all the lore for the game for everyone to enjoy. I need to modify it to accomodate for the new information from this beta and I have alot of schoolwork to take care of as well so I should have it out by the time the update is officially out! Give or take some time. That's all for now, see you around!
  3. You thought I was done making lore posts! You were wrong! I'm just here to give a brief insight into the character that Wes saved in the cinematic, whom @Sunset Skye was able to determine the identity of (Shoutouts to Skye). So at first glance, just looks like an ordinary guy Maxwell was snatching right? Well that would be true, except Klei decided to add a very specific detail at the end of the short. At the 2:26 mark of the short we see a zoomed out image of this box in the lower right corner. We see that it says 'George With- , Dramatic Pr-, Magical- ". This one piece of information ties back to the William Carter Puzzles where Maxwell receives a note from someone with a very familiar name to this. The two notes on the left show an overdue bill that Maxwell owed someone during his time as William Carter, a travelling magician who recently came to America to make a name for himself. The person he owed money to, was George Witherstone. With his slogan appearing to be 'Dramatic Props and Magic Apparel', and Mr. Witherstone having made a threat to Maxwell to pay up soon or else he'll find him. This gives us more insight as to why he was about to get snatched by Maxwell and why Maxwell was so displeased Wes saved him, Wes saved the man who threated to harm or potentially inflict worse onto Maxwell while Maxwell was carrying out a revenge scheme on him. Really interesting to see something from so long ago be given more information in the present. Shoutouts to Klei for remembering this man exists lol. Also just as a reminder, we're getting 1 new character this year so who knows, it might be Mr. Witherstone. Who can say for certain. Oh and oooone last thing, there's a shadow watcher at the end as well in a frame in George's house. Along with a gramaphone Credit goes to @-Variant for pointing this out. That's all from me for now Just wanted to share this with y'all. I have something special lore related that I'm planning to post here soon after the next content beta drops so look forward to that, see you around!
  4. I did mean we'll be able to provide our side of the story while not being able to provide the other due to biases yeah. I might want to reword my statement for the sake of clarification, thanks for bringing that to my attention.
  5. Just came to say that I appreciate you telling people not to join to ask about the drama that transpired. It really means alot and I'm surprised you would, given that you were banned and that'd understandably leave a sour taste in people's mouth normally. We do have channels to help explain what transpired and can give people our side of the story at least (can't talk for the owner's side, though we can say what was said to us if anything). Once the conversations about it are civil and aren't just for the sake of gossiping about drama, we're fine with it.
  6. True! I didn't address that but that's certainly a possibility for why it's in a destroyed state. I would like to believe it destablises now due to being both incomplete and lacking in lunar magic, however if it is that lunar magic isn't need to stabilise the portal to Them then it could simply be to 'fine tune' the power of Them through the portal per say. That is, lunar magic could potentially be used to limit Their influence but still channel Their power for one's own use. Which would lead us to the assumption that the abuse of fuel from the Ancients could've simply made them let their guard down as they became enraptured with it and as they used less Lunar magic, it gave Them an opportunity to appear.
  7. Aaaaa hi I'm in the process of compiling a lore document for the community to make this easier on everyone when it comes to understanding the lore. For 'who' is coming the answer is simple, Them. Them being sort of the creator of the shadow creatures and the source of nightmare fuel. Given all the times we've heard of 'Them' being spoken about, we can rule out the moon due to all the instances of it being associated with nightmare fuel and the fact that Maxwell questions if They knew if the Ancients once worshipped the moon, which would seem like an odd thing to ponder if it was the moon themselves that was Them. Furthermore They're the reason that the ancient civilisation likely went into ruin as the metheus puzzle gives us a vague look at how they came to Ruin and the interpretation that makes the most sense to me in the third image is that the eye in the gateway is 'Them' and it converted the ancients into Terrorbeaks (given the similar appearance) and the dust moths into Crawling Horrors (this one's a bit more of a stretch but the shape is similar as well as the fact it'd account for why there's no dust moths in the ruins outside of the archives if the archives was an untouched part when it comes to Their reach.) As for the 'how' my guess would be through the Ancient Gateway. My running theory at the moment is that the gateway is in a damaged state (we can see much difference appearances for it in the Metheus puzzles and each look more complete except for the last one) and it's too unstable to sustain a portal to Them, this would also account for why it destabilises after the fuelweaver fight, it isn't directly related to the fight per say but rather after the time taken to defeat the fuelweaver it just can't sustain itself anymore. In the Metheus puzzles we see white and black energy surrounding it initially and eventually the energy becomes more black, likely meaning that the ancients used lunar and shadow magic to sustain itself. We can make this assumption using the celestial portal and walter's slowdown ammo as well. Both utilise moon rocks which are associated with lunar magic, and purple gems which are associated with shadow magic, and both result in warping reality itself. As the ancients abused the fuel it may be safe to say that the gateway slowly couldn't handle itself until it inevitably destabilised when They showed up. Charlie could be looking to repair the gateway and harness lunar magic in some way so she can summon Them. As for the 'why' , well that's hard to say when we don't quite understand Charlie's new personality yet. Personally I would prefer if Charlie doesn't just play second fiddle to Them because she ended up in this situation from being an assistant to some shadow nerd (Maxwell) already and having her do it again for a bigger shadow nerd (Them) would just feel....unfulfilling for her character to me. I would prefer if the 'why' be for power tbh. The Ancients used the gateway most likely to harness Their power but eventually destroyed themselves from abuse of the nightmare fuel and neglect of Lunar Magic (or perhaps avoidance, after all it would appear the Ancient Archives could've been sealed away by the Ancients). Charlie could sustain the gateway this time around in order to bring back Them for her own purposes. The issue with this though is that They are far stronger than Charlie most likely so her only chance of controlling Them would be total control over the Gateway. Why Charlie would want power ehhhhhh it's still hard to say. We really don't get much of her personality but the A New Reign trailer would imply that both her shadow side and her regular side wanted to rule over the Constant and they likely met a compromise when they fused together into a totally new side of her (her human half used white as her colour, shadow side used black, and her new side used red to signify that she's a new force entirely from human and shadows). Soooo why? Because Charlie wants to for some reason. And 'where' is easy enough to answer with the theory I'm using, it'd be the Ancient Gateway. Another reason I would want Charlie to be in control of Them is because They had destroyed the Ancients and betrayed the Forge's denizens so I get the feeling that our survivors would probably die if They could do whatever They wanted. Also something I wanna clear up, the moon isn't affiliated with Charlie. Given their unique interactions with shadow magic where gestalts avoid it and greater gestalts attack you for it plus the shadow war etc etc, it's much more likely that the moon's magic opposes shadow magic. It's a Light vs Dark type of situation essentially. The lunar entity, whatever it is (gestalts are connected to a greater being that's most likely the moon itself or something sealed within it) likely dislikes Charlie due to the fact she wishes to bring back Them. That being said it's likely not good. The fact that it's offering the survivors forbidden/forgotten knowledge in exchange for doing things for it is wayyyyy too much of a Maxwell move for me to trust it, plus the fact that the Ancients worshipped it and then seemingly abandoned it and then survived and got introduced to Them gives me the vibe that they willingly abandoned lunar magic because they knew something we're unaware of. And wortox's lunarune quotes give me that vibe as well, but who knows. I could be wrong but all evidence points to this conclusion for me atm. Edit: I have a post analysing Them and Charlie but I'm not sure if i'm allowed to link it in other posts, otherwise I would've to help with all this lol.
  8. OHMYGOD IT FINALLY HAPPENED. I'VE WANTED THIS FOR MONTHS NOW. This is great, I'm so happy about this you have no idea. This is also great! Finding Crab King was a chore and we only had the edges of the map to base the location of the island off of. This is a great hotfix ohmygod.
  9. Actually his quotes for the Fountain of Knowledge would indicate he made all the clockworks He basically saw the parts from the fountain among other machine parts from the Ancients and tried to recreate them and ended up with the bishop. By extension that'd likely mean he also made the rooks and knights. If I had to guess why the ones in the Ruins are so damaged it'd be that he abandoned the caves a while back (which we know from his sinkhole quote "I plugged it up a long time ago".) so they just never got any maintenance after a while.
  10. When an security pulse hits a Sentrypede Husk, it always revives regardless of what state it's in.