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  1. Hi guys. I have recently built my very first set of fish farms and it is amazing. It makes making surf `n` turf super easy. However, they come with crocodogs. Is there a good (automatic) way to protect fish farms? I have built few ballphin palaces , but they go to sleep during dusk and night so the fish farms are exposed. I read on wiki that sea walls can be used to protect farms, but it does not say how exactly. Happy surviving.
  2. Hi guys! I just recently started playing with giants on and I am wondering if certain method works. This is a method where after you get notice that the giant is about to spawn, you simply jump into a wormhole that leads away from your base, and wait for them to spawn there. Will this make my base safe and stop the giant from coming after me or my base? Happy surviving
  3. If I am not mistaken, you can't do that on Nitendo switch yet. Feeding and taming beefalo were included in QoL update that was introduced with the release of Hamlet.
  4. Funnily, this is exactly what happened to me. After I made post about it, meteor expansion stopped
  5. Hi guys, I am wondering how big and wide will these fields grow? I started basing in a biome that is separated from the mosaic biome by sea and it seemed safe but now I am not so sure. These fields just keep on expanding and expanding. How long will they continue to do so? Happy Surviving.
  6. For the bugs I feel like it will take update or two in order to make game fully functional and bug free. For the guards you might try this trick I have seen a guy do in a playthrough. Try taking one 10 oincs coin (silver one) and drop it on the ground near the pig guard chasing you. This will be considered a bribe, and they will lose agrro on you (hopefully).
  7. @Mike23Ua What is Hamlet like on the console? Have you tried playing Wheeler? I am really looking foward playing as Wheeler
  8. This was said in the response: "It's coming, be patient a bit longer.". I have enjoyed this game for a little bit over a month now, so I don't have that much experience, but to me, be patient a bit longer does not read like months. More like days and weeks.
  9. How long do you think we will have to wait before it is released? They said to be a bit more patient. So, do you think it's days, weeks, or, God forbid, longer than that?
  10. Me, shortly after I posted the meme, realizing that soon not only we will get QoL update that will bring doors, but also Hamlet DLC.
  11. Saw today someone complain on Reddit how there is no new content for DS so I got inspired.
  12. Hi guys, how do you place things delicately? I got used to placing things down and, in most of the cases, things line up and look good and I am happy with the end result. However, I tried building an automatic Bunnymen farm using the method by youtuber called Rhovious, and it went BAD. It took me 3 hours and numerous rollbacks just to build two that are functional. The whole concept behind the farm is not hard to build, but without geometrical placement mod it is really hard and it is both time and nerves consuming. How do you guys imitate the mod on the PS4. Is there a way to be pinpoint accurate? Happy surviving
  13. Hi guys, I'm looking for an answer from long time players on PS4. What are the odds that we may get quality of life update that would bring doors and bundling wrap? I absolutly love Don't Starve and prefer it over DST because things are balanced for single player, but I find it very hard to build animal pens of any kind. How do you guys handle lack of doors? Happy Surviving.
  14. I think I get it now. So you unravel items that you have to acquire spools and then, once you reached 2750 spools, you can buy a character for spools. Also, you can use real money to buy bolts and then buy a pack in the shop that contains the character in it.
  15. So, let's say I buy a pack that has 12000 bolts, does that mean I get 12000 spools?