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  1. One thing I would like to however point out, Klei is doing the Wolfgang rework and still pushing off the Maxwell rework. While I think this is fine and Maxwell would still be getting his rework later on it's just kind of insulting for the poor guy to be somewhat less knowledgeable in shadow magic than Wanda is, despite an eternity on the Nightmare throne and being dubbed as the "Shadow king" or "Puppet master" I for one main Wolfgang from time to time, and it would be interesting lore wise to see what Klei has cooked up for him but man I really want to dig into a Maxwell change, both the characters are pretty outdated to today's standards, but at least Wolfgang's damage is still pretty relevant and I guess it kind of makes sense for Maxwell to be "outdated" considering how old he is lol. My closing thoughts: I think Klei is going to save Maxwell's rework for last, or somewhat last for lore purposes, which is understandable. Same goes for Wilson, as Wilson was technically the last person to enter the Constant in the original game. But who knows.
  2. Theres literally a huge QoL update coming soon wdym? Also w h a t didn't Webber get like so much stuff that the community directly asked for, even after the initial rework they added more and more small perks the community asked for onto him?
  3. These newly leaked skins definitely scream "Hallowed Nights" for me but could also be part of different upcoming sets.
  4. The mod creator is known to be unforgiving and corrupt, very few people have actually got off the mod's banlist. Even if you apply to get off and have a chance to be unbanned, chances are it won't be for a while either because the mod creator is lazy and doesn't update the mod very often.
  5. Yes but the thing is that's the main issue with this mod, other players shouldn't have the authority to take over those servers, simply because they're not their servers. They should be servers that everyone can join. Additionally many public servers already have a banlist of their own, this mod would just make it easier to have a banlist without having to actually make one yourself.
  6. A good way to make the mod 100% acceptable with everyone would be to simply make it a server mod and not a client mod. There are already a lot of server mods that prevent griefing but this mod would be very good in particular because of it's broad banlist. People still do get griefed on their own servers but this mod could prevent that from happening, especially if you just can't be bothered to make your own banlist on your server. There is even a chinese "No Griefer" mod that pretty much does the same already, additionally it has much better reviews on steam because it's a server mod.
  7. I mean yeah, but I'm not a griefer anymore. I also don't like the ones who are griefers still, I've moved out of that "phaze" a long time ago. I've been griefed many times aswell and I can 100% agree it's not a fun experience.
  8. If you got mixed up by the images provided, I'm not Checkered Scars, the one who probably griefed you, as he's still known to actively grief.
  9. I never was on any "EU Klei Official" server and I never will be, because they simply don't exist, not any REAL EU Klei Official servers anyway. (It might have had Klei in the name, but not an actual server run by Klei) I am willing to move on from this however and I respect that you're willing to move on from this aswell
  10. Also, not once did I ever mention anything about being banned from any EU server, I said I got banned from the DST Official steam group servers, not the EU servers. I've never even played on an EU server because I live in north america and I don't have the best internet. From my understanding you can't actually *really* get banned from a Klei Official server. As in an actual ban, not an instant kick. Additionally some servers claim to be "Klei Official" but don't have the Klei Official dedicated server icon, which means they aren't actual Klei Official servers.
  11. Really because I just checked, every EU server currently being hosted right now, and as expected I'm not banned from any of them. No, but the mod uses information from multiple banlists. Of those multiple ban lists, I got banned from one and I've got my ban appealed from the one I got banned from. The person who made the mod however still won't let me off the banlist of the mod, despite getting unbanned from were I originally got banned from.
  12. I haven't a clue what you are talking about? Can you back up your claims with actual evidence? if I were banned from the EU servers for griefing, I wouldn't be able to join them right now.
  13. Want me to prove that I'm not banned from the Official DST servers? also you blatantly ignored the clear evidence that the original poster linked, and I hope you realize that saying is pretty ignorant, because of course no one could ever possibly change their ways ever. Just as expected you're somehow more ignorant than the very people who use the mod to kick people before they could even load in to say a word.