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  1. That version of Do Over is essentially "Once per negotiation skip your turn and swap a Basic card with a Common for the rest of the game." Not the most powerful effect and I certainly don't think it's worth 3 AP, but still useful in upgrading your deck without having to pay money for each card removed and added.
  2. At least one character in Sal's campaign is willing to give some information about how the planet was settled. I can't remember the exact details, but I'm fairly certain most (if not all) of the intelligent races are not native.
  3. I find Brain Gills useful for quickly upgrading any Negotiation cards with Expend I may pick up. Other than that, it's certainly not that great for the cost.
  4. Enhanced Trigger can be useful if you want to ensure you are completely empty for cards like Pistol Whip and Sucker Punch. And Anchor is a synergy card for cards like Bolster Shot that care about the cost of another card in your hand.
  5. I'm in the completely oppsite camp here, I would love for the brawl to contiue for as long as there are enough bosses for. Regardless of which campaign those bosses belong to.
  6. I'm not sure it's worth that much with the current effect. It is certainly a good card, but anything that costs 3 should be utterly amazing.