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  1. BUT in lights out, the tables have turned, now EVERYONE wants to be willow for free light Personally i have nothing against willow if she doesn't burn everything, and wes, at least get your own food, then ill be fine, but if you start eating everything from the ice box? THE SPEARS COMIN OUT.
  2. The meme is that if you have an effigy on the surface you can't activate it in caves okay?
  3. I did it, another one The sad thing, is that it's so true If you don't understand, the game usually bugs when you try to revive from a surface effigy
  4. My first meme made out of a random google searched thumbnail but don't starveified
  5. So these are some images i cropped (BTW i suck at cropping so couldn't make these tranparent) you can have them
  6. This thread has been inactive for two years, I don't think we are going to keep going with this sadly, we made it to early winter and you people never said if everyone died or something