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  1. I always thought of rooks as a mechanized replica of the AG
  2. you can only water tilled plots. It may be a bit confusing, but you'll get used to the gardening world
  3. are you trying to water a farm plot created via the garden digamajig, or are you trying to water a seed planted in the regular ground?
  4. it's not weird at all. the closer you are to dying, (the older she is) the less hits she can withstand, hence what makes her a glass canon. think of the age meter as a fun restyled backwards health bar.
  5. surviving in winter by scarfing down ice. (You can add your own in your account settings!)
  6. And you never have to. I respect your opinion, no matter how much it hurts me.
  7. The event itself I'm relatively neutral towards and I understand what you're stance, but my heart will never accept this Wagstaff slander.
  8. killing beequeen by freezing her in a magma pit whilst babysitting her for ~eleven days
  9. Ban ZeeDragon because I tried to change my profile picture a while ago but couldn't get the formatting right
  10. Maxwell doesn't know how he was resurrected, going off the Cyclum puzzle.