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  1. The original spider. They're nice 'nd round, perfect size to side-kick it or drop-kick it. 7/10 would recommend.
  2. Rook be a sneaky fellow. Nobody can trust 'em. I love the ending
  3. Get a ton of glands to stave off those injuries you obtained collecting the glands!
  4. I'm expecting them to just be entirely original designs, but it'd be neat to see some inspiration
  5. Those cursor and size fixes are awesome. Thanks y'all
  6. Honestly I'm surprised at how many people selected "all the time" Whenever I change the camera and don't change it back I get disoriented and/or lost, plus it gets harder to give directions to people you're playing with. I only ever use it if I need a different view of something, or am placing something in a specified spot, then I always put it back
  7. That may very likely be the source of the squeaking...
  8. Remove Wendy and replace her with Wagstaff. This'll solve every problem the game has.
  9. Ban ZeeDragon becau- It's obvious? It's obvious!? Took me sixteen years to figure that out! SIXTEEN YEARS! My whole life that's been one of the few things I dread. I'll never know how my life could've been for those first sixteen years if only I knew that closing my eyes and staying still for prolonged periods of time would help with mental health. How in the heck does anybody know that? It's stupid! Who was the first person to be all like "Oh~ I'm really feeling like stopping doing everything for seven hours whilst prolonging a single blink throughout it!~"!?!?!?!?!?!?!? It is supposed to be an instinct? If so, why the heck do I not have it? How does anybody stand it either? Am I the only person on this planet who developed the sensation of boredom? Doesn't anybody get bored? A deep desire to do literally anything other than what they're currently doing, which happens to be sleeping, which is one of the least engaging things that can happen? anyways, sorry abot that, - Ban ZeeDragon because, I don't know, asparagus or something