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  1. So... the ABIGAIL PLS DON'T KILL MY SPIDERS is not something you guys are going to fix?
  2. This little "forum weapon" that i drawed a few weeks ago
  3. I want my custom item to repair buildings with some kind of "ammo" like Walter's sling, but I don't know how to make it work any ideas?
  4. how a component is created, and where i have to put it? (sorry for all the question, i am new on modding for dst)
  5. so i need help with the code of my "tool"/item that can take Items from afar thats the idea but i don't know how to make it work and how to do it, The idea is simple, one item/"tool" that the character hold like any other "tool"/item, but when you "pick" any item the "tool" will take the item for you, Like the Lazy forager!, but least annoying.
  6. i always imagine the dupes like little kids playing random games like, ARI AND THE 6 TALES OF SAVING THE DU-PRINCESS-MB And her Horse (Secretly is a hatch) i am bad drawing hands btw
  7. So i try to add a skin for my Duplicant (oxygen not included) character and the game crash in the selection screen when i select the character @Hornete
  8. a skin for MY modded character a duplicant from oxygen not included to be exact
  9. So i am working in a dupe Mod for dst and i think that i can add more dupe "skins" that's the first option, the second it will be do every character separated and put the same mod but with the other character (very annoying) so if someone know any tutorial or something like that it will be very helpful (my inglish is bad, please don't kill me cx)