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  1. Dear Team,Brief description: We are "disconnected from the server" (error msg) after completion of Metheus puzzle everytime we are trying to enter the caves.Here goes my story: I have been trying to finish Metheus puzzle with my friend. After we successfully did the first part (the browser puzzle part) we created new server and aim to enter the caves in order to progress further (find the ancient chest etc.) but suddenly - after opening the caves entrance - Loading Screen appeared and after few more seconds I received notification "You were disconnected from the server". My colleague had no issues with accessing the caves but I couldn't get back to game. So we have been trying to troubleshoot (get back to previous day etc. with no success) and finally I am "disconnected" after every try - same happens with another colleague who joined us.So I took another chance with another colleague: done the puzzles, second colleague has created the server and we enter the caves afterwards. Result: the same "you were disconnected from the server" error message.I have also additional question - very important, and I did not find any answer to this:- Do we need to create new server after the puzzles are done? - (we created new server during our approaches with first and the second colleague) - - or it can be the one which we are using for ourselves since some time?? (not brand new) (will the Ancient Chest appear for us in any world as we are "connected" after solving the puzzles?) Could you be so kind to provide us with solution? Maybe this could be a clue: after we were disconnected we have been trying to get back to previous day (rollbacks): without success - as he is locked and prisoned underground cause the stairs to surface are collapsed and I am getting "you were disconnected from the server" (in my native language). It is happening every single time with random colleagues. Thank you kindly for your assistance and please answer my question (as our main server where we play does not disconnect us after entering the caves - so it could be workaround for this maybe). My PSN Account (I was a guest, first and second time around): decym92 Colleague1 (he was hosting the server after first puzzle) PSN Account: Zelkowskyy Colleague2 (and he also was hosting the server after reseting the puzzle and solving it again) PSN Account: Jezykgaming I truly believe that we do not need to give up on Metheus (and the rewards for Walking Cane and Chest skins are also supercool!) Thank you in advance for your support. Best Regards Jan Jarzabek