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  1. Thank you ! ^^ I haven't drawn anything in forever, but I realised I never posted my Wigfrid fanart, so here it is ! I was distracted by another fandom creation spurt, but DST sketches are starting to pop back ^^. (Text translation : WX : don't forget to bring back fillers ok ? Please and thank you).
  2. Thank you ! I was thinking about doing other DST x Pokemon crossover, the Oddish x Mandrake is a good idea !
  3. I recently had an obsession with the electric spider pokemon Joltik. And my obsession with Webber will never end. Thus, behold a Joltik Webber ! (I firt posted the sketch on my instagram, and then got motivated enough to colorize it ! :D)
  4. Thank you ! I started only recently to draw digitally, so I still have traditional drawing reflexes I think. Howerver, this is the first drawing I've ever done entirely digitally, from sketch to color. Maybe it's the paper texture that gives it a more "organic" feeling ^^.
  5. As I talked about everyone's roles, here is the drawing I did for our Wendy player ! Please note that I learnt about Hutch's existence after drawing it, and that at the time, we used a mode to have two chesters ^^". Anyway, wherever she goes, she has many followers.
  6. The exact same that found out about the meteors . He is the official cook of the party. We all basically always play the same characters and do : WX : Cooking, farming, fishing, hunting butterflies with a passion Wigfrid : Will kill anything on sight. Beefalos are always in danger with her around. Wendy : Explorer of caves, ressources and food gatherer. Webber (me) : Explorer, crafter of utilities and new technologies/magic. Likes to explore the marsh biomes and hang out with spiders (and try to protect them from wigfrid) After this first boat sail, we managed to sail for a bit, find the tiny island with the hermit crab, got attacked by too many dogs and almost died. Since then we haven't really sailed x)
  7. Thank you for your kind comment ! I really love the spiders in DST, and I can't wait to have more lore on Webber ! He's my favourite spoder boy When it will be released, should I repost this drawing directly on the Webber rework thread, or just here ? I am not familiar yet on how do forums work :s While digging through old files, I stumbled on this old comic, about our party's first attempt at sailing in DST. It's in French, but i'll translate below each image : Webber : I learnt how to sail ! The sea is ours ! Wendy&Wigfrid : YEAAAAAAH !!! WX :* Late because he was cooking* Webber : Did anyone craft repair kits ? Webber : Welp, time to abandon ship everyone. WX : *Just arrived* ARE YOU GUYS SERIOUS ???
  8. Just finished a new piece ! It's basically every Webber main base. Or is it just me ? Anyway, I like spiders a lot.
  9. Thank you for the messages and reactions ! I am glad you guys liked this Here's a wip for a comic project, about our first bearger hunt with my regular DST buddies. We are not great hunters, despite our Wigfrid's best efforts. I think I'll post other works before I finish this comic, since this bad boy will take some time to finish ;_;
  10. I haven't posted aything on a forum since forever. But upon seeing this forum, one of my friends bullied me to post my DST fanart here. So let's give it a shot ! This fanart can be titled "The time when my friend found out about meteors".