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  1. Sometimes when duplicants attempt to build something (usually where regolith has fallen), the are stuck trying to dig an invisible block before they can build. I believe this was a previous bug on the base game. I've noticed that there is A LOT of lag when coming to this planet. -~10-15 frames. There is also no space scanner to check for incoming regolith.
  2. Seems like the root of the error comes from the dupe attempting to look for a bed or deciding to sleep on floor. Happens everytime i change planets through the transporter but i imagine it would happen in other situations where they would look for beds too. Seems to mainly happen when returning to home planet.
  3. Literally everything single dupe is dead in my game after a recent crash. I've tried to load 4-5 different past saves and nothing changed. Also, aquatuners seem to be destroyed or melted. My ENTIRE game just died. WTF happened?? Everything that did happen seems like it could have happened if everything went unchecked for 1000 cycles. But it definitely did not. 1300 cycles down the drain :(. Sidenote Some of display text for Juicyfruit mutations are not complete Best Start Cycle 1291.sav Best Start Cycle 1293.sav Best Start Cycle 1295.sav Best Start Cycle 1297.sav Best Start Cycle 1299.sav
  4. @Watsonator It seems to go away for me when they actually complete those commands. If you are dying to play now, you could maybe queue less commands so it blocks up less of the screen.
  5. It leaves a remaining image of the dig commands i queued that are stuck on the screen. Strangely, the ladder tiles come and go depending on the position of the screen.