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  1. wurt cant get gold from the pig king (at least not in the conventional way) so its hard to get gold in late game
  2. i think wx-78 is a good option just because he can eat spoiled food and resist a lot of time without stop for prepare food
  3. I find it interesting but being immune to wetness seems very strong to me I would say that it would lose sanity but less than other survivors and because of the cold there is already an alternative the Sunfish and this could make a combo with which the fish do not die if you are wet And they should also put a mechanic to get gold with wurt because it is annoying to have to change characters only for gold
  4. Wurt because I like the challenge at the beginning of the game I can farm wood and marble massively also for their stats and kill the bosses (except the deerclops) with merm guards and ... i can farm a lot of gold because i dont eat meat and the trinkets
  5. With the update of the characters' favorite foods, the question arose because the durian does not have better values, I say that wurt has a 33% bonus when eating fruits and vegetables, then following the durian logic we would have 33 + 15 = 48 or 40 + 33% = 53 I'm just saying it would be a good idea to leave it as the second option, since the pumpkin beats the durian in all respects, so this could stand out more if you play with wurt It's just a little detail but I wanted to say it (I am using the Google translator, so if something is strange it is because of it)