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  1. I am not exactly sure what you mean by unlimited flow routines but that would be very difficult and certainly beyond my technical skills. I couldn't find any value that determines the minimum deck size, so you would probably need a completely original code. You can try asking other modders or devs, my understanding of Lua is quite limited so I can't give you a definite answer. Sorry
  2. Another update: 16 more cards for Sal and smaller changes to some older ones plus few bug fixes. Rook's next. Edit: And here are the actual cards:
  3. Ok I'm back. This time it only took me 2 days, I am getting better at this. Playing Tumble without a 100% chance of hitting an attack is the reason I didn't like the card. I personally prefer it this way because the difference between getting 5 combo and not is quite substantial Not discarding cards makes it slightly weaker but presumably, you would still play it along with other discards so it would only be marginally weaker Playing it earlier in your turn will allow activation of combo cards but it shouldn't be OP, at least I hope so The theme was really nice and it always bothers me when I have to change something that fits so well. But I would say that gameplay has priority over the flavor. If you don't mind I will end the discussion about this card here. I will test my version and if it doesn't feel good I am going to try yours. When it comes to the Balanced Stance the only truly problematic card would be Reversal. It is simple to pull off and it could give you 5-10 temporary power and if played as the first card it would allow you to pull off 50+ damage combos with minimal setup. With only +2 damage it would be less useful for decks going full counter and better for decks with cards that along with their main effect apply counter as well. After all, it is 1 cost +2 (+3 upgraded) power under certain conditions. And it can stack. Trickery has expend, I forgot to add it to the description. I have tried a hand-cost deck and it worked quite decently. I went with a lot of cost reduction, draw and discard support. The biggest problem for me was lack of defensive options since I didn't get battle scars, boulder stance, or any stuns. And with the freighter, I couldn' consistently hit more than for 20 damage. But I am fine with it being tier 2 deck as long as it is fun to play, and I felt like it was quite interesting even without the new cards. I think I will change Scheme to: 0 cost, Discard a card and gain defense equal to twice its cost. One upgrade will no longer discard the card and the second one will discard two cards and give defense equal to their combined costs. If you use it on a card with a discard effect it will give 2 defense and activate the discard effect and if you use it on a high-cost card it will give 4-8 defense.
  4. I get the idea behind Tumble, it just felt wrong to make a random discard when every discard is targeted. Now I realize that I could just change the wording to: "If you only have attacks in your hand gain 5 combo" Unless I'm missing something this wouldn't change most of the interactions and the synergy would still be there I have alternative version for trickery prepared as a potential nerf. It would improvise 3 common cards. One upgrade would give uncommon cards instead and other would have improvise+ I wanted it to be a card for adding more cards into hand/deck to boost cards that depend on it Thanks for the feedback, it truly is helpful
  5. Thanks for the ideas, they're great. I tried to go through them and do some tweaking. Those are my changes and thoughts: I've been making cards interacting with hand cost, deck size and generally with draw heavy decks. Those are the ones I am testing right now: Sorry for the late response I needed some time off. I will try to release new cards in a week or so along with small changes to older ones.
  6. Update: New day 1 boss for Rook and unlike all the other scrubs this one came prepared. This took me more than a week to finish since I had to rework most things I wanted to do. I feel that I’m losing momentum and motivation, so updates will be even less frequent from now on. On another note, I thought about making some cards that wouldn't reinforce only one archetype, because the rigidity of deck types is stopping me from enjoying the game. So if you have ideas you’d like to see feel free to post them here and I’ll see what I can do.
  7. Added 12 new cards for Rook Bosses now scale with prestige levels If everething goes well I will add 3 new bosses in next 2 weeks Enjoy
  8. Nice bunch of mods you've got here. Glad to have someone else to steal ideas from get inspiration from. The mod works well but unless I missed something the strength buff on trained units isn't applying as intended. The health buff works correctly though. Good luck with all of your beautiful mods.
  9. Thanks Steamerclaw, I forgot to test that interaction. But it should be fine now
  10. A quick update for the mod makes it compatible again with the current version. To make sure it runs properly delete all the old mod files and replace them with new ones.
  11. I know that installing mods without the Steam workshop is a pain. Fortunately, you don't need to change the game data. Any mods are basically additions and you can remove them without issues. Installation: 1. Go to ":\Users\[user]\AppData\Roaming\Klei\Griftlands\" When you get there it will look like this: 2. Open the folder consisting of alphanumeric characters (in my case it is the 79789ee2dd464d819a1b0e7a6e35c0ed) 3. Create a folder called "mods" 4. And into it you unzip the folder you downloaded from github called "GriftlandsExpanded-master" 5. When you start the game Epic may ask you which game data you want to use. Pick Upload to Cloud. 6. Now you can open the game and check compendium for the new cards to confirm that mod is working If it doesn't work, put the "mods" folder directly into "[user]/AppData/Roaming/Klei/Griftlands/" That should be everything, let me know if you get lost along the way. Maybe I should make a video tutorial to make it a bit clearer. If I find some time for it.
  12. So, as you can see I have made a mod, that adds 3 new bosses to Sal’s story. On top of it, there are 12 new cards for Sal and new items from said bosses. You can find it here Bosses appear as alternative fights at the end of the days 1,2,3. You have a 33% chance of encountering one. Huge thanks to RageLeague for figuring out how to make bosses appear in the story. Both bosses and cards aren’t balanced properly, so any suggestions on how to make them better are welcome. Enjoy