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  1. I agree that wound only ticking down by one is easily abused. Had one run as Sal where I was able to abuse the wound grafts + a multi-attack to OTK Kashio on turn 1. IMO Wound and Bleed should be switched, with Wound reducing by 50% and bleed being reduced by a more reasonable amount, like 33% (and yes, I'm aware of the graft that reduces it to that). But I don't think wound scaling is as big of a problem as the Boss Grafts that give energy - it's not uncommon to have access to 5 energy per turn after the second day, and when you go up against Kashio you can nab an extra energy graft as well for 6 energy total. Rook's character is much more interesting IMO because you have to get creative to play more than 3 cards per turn, usually by reducing the cost of certain cards to 0 or using cards that draw and reduce cost. If Sal was limited to 3 energy like Rook, it would be much harder to create big stacks of wound without exposing yourself to attacks.
  2. I definitely agree with you on siding with admiralty in the bay - the negotiation cards you get from Oolo can easily be win conditions. The cards you get from Nadan, not so much. I also agree with you on the shovel pick, blacklist almost guarantees you'll be taking early negotiation damage to build it up, and it's only ok in decks that can play cards more than once, or if you have the autobot negotation bonus that plays the first card each turn twice. However, it's easy to fall into the trap of negotiating on every possible encounter which means your battle deck will be much weaker.
  3. It's really hard for me not to align with the Rise on the final day, for a few reasons: Kallandra's boon is really good in the last battle (first item card played is played twice.) Making Kallandra hate you will ensure you gain 2 cripple on the Rise vs. Spark Baron fight, meaning you can't kill enemies as quickly as you would normally In the Rise vs. Spark Baron fight, the Spark Barons have high value mechs on their team which certain item cards can be used against (like ones that stun mechs) I can see aligning with the Spark Barons beneficial in only a few scenarios: Your battle deck is strong enough but your negotiation deck is lacking (very rare in my experience w/ Rook). You have a wound-heavy deck but very few multi-attacks in which case the Spark Baron toolbox is better You don't have a lot of item cards that benefit that much from being played twice. Curious to know if this sentiment is shared by anyone else, or if there is some hidden benefit to aligning with Spark Barons that I'm missing.
  4. "You're wanted in 8 different districts!" This was the most fun negotiation deck I've ever built. I had the rare graft that drew you 3 extra cards per turn. The slates allowed me to stall the game out while at the same time incepting a ton of Wanted! bounties. Some games I was able to get up to 12 bounties, and use Flatter to AoE them all down at once
  5. Boss Fight Party! Also ended up hatching a fleed egg later in this combat for 2 fighters in reserve.