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  1. yes yes! genuinely surprised you saw that lol... it is very tiny text
  2. magzwell dst ocs i made for me and my friends stopped midway through the last one because my pain is acting up and also i am lazy i encourage you to guess hwo i am [surprisingly neither of the mimes]
  3. five foot nothin and im royalty. short king mama ay. et cetera et cetera. i hc wes as cane user because i like to project onto characters clip studio crashed immediately after i finished this one and i may or may not have incurred the wrath of god very not proud of this webber but it is far too late to edit him now
  4. it really comes across in your art!! i love the dynamic you create between them, i think they really play to each others strengths! its great that you can draw two friends being so close, the emotion really shines through! personally i really love it when artists can really show that friendly bond in just a few pieces. it's a really great accomplishment! can't wait till the next time you post, and eagerly awaiting what made maxwell so hungry! was it, perhaps, some kind of puddings?
  5. i like this image in particular a lot!! but what is maxwell looking at? is it some yummy food?
  6. cool art! i like how you portray maxwell and wes' close friendship. they seem like really unlikely best friends but you make it work. so cool of them to be besties like this!
  7. joke comic drawn w/ my finger based off of something my friend posted
  8. alright well not entirely sure how to fix that but i reuploaded em if that helps
  9. errr weird... i'm fairly certain i uploaded them all directly and they look fine on my end? which ones are broken for you
  10. this probably doesnt make any sense i just think this dog really looks like him
  11. i cant find most of my art rn lol but here's some wolfgang pics i just think klei should add an animation where he wags his tail. would give me a lot of serotonin oh also i dont think this counts as art but since i technically drew on it ill add it as a little bonus.... my little meow meow older drawing of wes but with curly hair i have a bit of a mime obsession