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  1. I imagine they are just regular screams but get more and more echo-y until they sound like the regular terror beak screetch
  2. Ah, so I am doing this properly, thanks chief. And no need to apologize for the lack of replies, thas fine, I was more worried if this thread was just a clog in the art thread section.
  3. Yowza I haven't posted here for a hot second. Might as well make this place not a random clog in the thread list, so have this Watcher art. A rather delightful fellow I must say. I have no idea if people are even getting notifs on this, pretty sure am doing it wrong
  4. Haven't posted here in a proper while, so uhh, have this Uncompromising Mode mod spoiler for those not on the discord (the devs are gonna love me for pulling this one huAh) (yes the art is mine mods don't smite me)
  5. Aye, thanks fellas! Also, new art. This originally was supposed to be a fight scene against T3 Knight, but I couldn't get the character proportions right, so I just ended up trying to make the thing even more horrifying.
  6. I recently got into drawing art for Don't Starve Together, so I suppose I could post it on the forums. So here I am, I hope yall enjoy. (some art may be a tad morbid tho, so that's a disclaimer) Example art in this post is me trying to re-create a living Ancient using all possible references.