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  1. The most powerful combo I have found so far is wortoz + woodie , this combo is powerful beacuse wortox's souls can heal woodie in his moose state We killed bee queen with 6 bee keeper hats and bothing else since bees from bee queen drops souls You can also rush ruins with no effort too since moose can kill hordes of nightmare monkeys for more souls While this is OP I never see it is being used
  2. They are adding more and more characters and at this point they started to lose originalty for example wurt is just and existing mob made cuter , they should finish the reworks and contine uptating the actual game , I feel like the whole rutern of them uptates are weak compared to the new reign stuff , quality started dropping since they added fuelweaver and while some uptates like moon island is good there is not much to do unlike mines , sea isnt very fun to explore since there isnt much to see and the new bosses are pretty boring with bad drops I dont know if this will contine like this but I think they should stop with new characters and skins at least , especially skin , they bring nothing to table and most of the time you cant see them beacuse you are wearing armor or backpack