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  1. Oh, actually, I tried the older version 1.3.1 and that worked for me.
  2. Yes, exactly the same problem, still looking for answers myself.
  3. When I use the TEX creator for the icon of a mod, using: Pixel format : DXT5 Texture type : 2D Mipmap resize filters : default [Generate Mipmaps]: Ticked [Pre-multiply Alpha]: Ticked a .tex file is created alright, but if I try to use the icon .tex, the game crashes as soon as I open the "mods" tab or the "host game" tab. Do we need an update? Running DST A New Reign v214437 on WIndows 10 x64 The app doesn't close out completely, the process is still visible in Task Manager. I can't quite kill it; the private memory just goes down from how ever many MB to 64kb, as with all applications that are stuck on closing. What can I do?