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  1. Uh, well, I figured it out a bit. If anyone needs a solution of the problem: here is the code that adds an icon to the start screen. The code is in modmain.lua Also for craft.The change is highlighted and underlined :
  2. I added an item to the character, a weapon to be specific. The item works fine and did not cause any problems, exactly until the moment when I decided to add it as a component of another weapon. The item does not display an icon as a component, but it does have an icon in the inventory. Also, the item is not displayed as a starting item. I'll attach some of the code from modmain.lua.
  3. I'm creating a custom character for DST and wanted to give him the ability to speak non-standard lines. It is the character who must speak when a certain object is nearby, or the character is holding it in his hand.