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  1. Aight, i got it working. I made a function local function ontempchange(inst) return inst.components.temperature.current > 50 and -TUNING.DAPPERNESS_LARGE or 0 end added this into onbecamehuman inst:ListenForEvent("temperaturedelta", ontempchange) and added this into master_postinit inst.components.sanity.custom_rate_fn = ontempchange And it works. Thanks for the help anyways!
  2. In simpler words, theres already a negative sanity aura from spiders in the original game, i just want it to be much bigger for my character. I cant figure it out.
  3. Well, it looks like im out of luck then. I wanted that to be my character's special ability thing, but i guess i need to make something else.
  4. I i changed it to bonus_sanity = TUNING.SANITYAURA_SUPERHUGE on purpose, to check if it even works. I does not work with bonus_sanity = -TUNING.SANITYAURA_SUPERHUGE anyway :/
  5. I tested the code by setting the sanity aura to a big positive number, and i still lost sanity like in the normal DST. I have no clue what's happening, Here's my character's lua. Im probably doing a dumb mistake and im not noticing it. navii.lua
  6. I did look at the game files, but i could not figure anything out. I looked at another mod that uses temperature in their character, i copy pasted their code into my character, and it still crashed my game.
  7. It's kinda complicated... But ill try to explain it here. Basically, i want my character to recieve some sort of random item from a pool of items. It would happen once a day on some sort of timer. I want to create an item that could shave off some time until the next item, but i have no idea how to do any of that.
  8. Hello! I'm making a character mod, and i want to create some custom items that only he can craft. I am new to DST programming, i have looked at mod files, game files and read many forums, but i cant figure out how to even make an item. Any help?
  9. I played around with the script, but it didn't do anything. The game didn't crash, but the sanity loss remained the same. I have no idea why it didnt work.
  10. Hello, i'm making a custom character for the game, and i want him to lose sanity when above a certain temperature. I have played around with it, searched around, but i cant figure it out. Any help? I tried using using DoPeriodicTask and checking the temperature, then changing the daperness of the player, but it either crashes my game or makes the "Dedicated server unable to start".
  11. Hey! I used this on my character, but now i get disconnected from my server everytime i come near a spider, even as a ghost. I've also tried some code from the post below, but it just crashes my game at the character select screen. I'm kinda lost.
  12. How can i make the player lose sanity when near spiders? I have searched around and tried some things, but i have no idea what to really do. Any help?