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  1. Thank you for the reply. That makes me feel a lot better knowing Klei didn't purposely remove any games. It sounds like Geforce Now is the one dropping the ball here in multiple ways.
  2. I searched the forums and didn't already find this topic, so creating a new topic. Let me know if this has already been answered and I can remove this topic. Edit: Klei did not remove their games from Geforce Now. See first post. Why the Removal? Why is Klei removing their games from Geforce Now? I've been really bothered by developers doing this, and I didn't think that Klei would fall into that bucket. As a consumer, I'm paying for a license to use on my Steam account. Why is it any of the developer/publishers business where I run my license? If I want to run the game on a toaster that doesn't have a display, that's my prerogative as long as I'm not using my license in more than one place at a time. If the reason is they don't want people to give people the ability to run it not on their computer, then they should go ahead and ban gaming cafes from being able to use their games too. Gaming cafes are public computers that people login too as well. Geforce Now cloud gaming is no different. Devils Advocate Trying to play devil's advocate rationalize why Klei might be doing this but really I'd like to know from the Klei itself. Maybe it's because...: They intend to bring it back onto the platform with official support? This seems unlikely. They have existing licensing agreements that conflict with Geforce Now? They feel the game experiences would be so poor they don't want users to get a bad impression of the company...? They're worried about support requests from users on Geforce Now? Does anyone know why Klei games are actually getting pulled? I'm hoping it's for something legitimate like licensing and not for the typical developer excuses I've seen online about having arbitrary control regardless of what the users want :(.