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  1. After running for a few days, my dedicated server (Debian 4.19) will start giving authentication errors on login attempts, with log error CURL ERROR: (login.kleientertainment.com) Operation too slow. [...] This tends to happen more frequently with server uptime, and a reboot usually lets people authenticate again.
  2. Upvote, I have the same problem. Today, Klei official server. Trying to enter any cave sinkhole results in game not responding (black screen, loading screen doesn't show). Had to disconnect and re-enter, and trying again gave the same result. (Arch Linux, latest patches)
  3. So, I've been running a couple of dedicated servers for a few months now, with basic anti-griefing mods as well as regular backups to be able to easily restore griefed bases etc. Most griefing situations are quite run-of-the-mill and easily prevented by mods, but a couple of professional griefer teams pop up now and then. Anyway, I'm slowly amassing a banlist, and am wondering if it would be of service to make it public. There must also already be multiple such lists, does anyone know if these are public?
  4. Fix the darn ping issue, then welcoming dedicated servers can actually make the experience nicer for more players.
  5. I am extremely curious as to why Klei is so silent on this issue, not even a word about possible technical reasons for this occurrence. I recently set up my own dedicated server on a personal server and forwarded all the necessary ports: no change, no fix. It's very annoying to go to all to the trouble to set up a public server on a good connection, and then have no one join because of this issue. @Klei, is there at least some explanation as to what's going on please?
  6. @Developers, it's pretty bad, it seems like even if a server can start up, it will crash as soon as someone tries to join as Wigfrid.
  7. I see this has already been reported.
  8. The game crashes when trying to connect to hosted worlds, including completely new slots without mods.
  9. Fully updated Arch Linux. After Hotfixes 455818 & 455744, loading Geometric Placement and Combined Status together results in an Out of Memory error. Loading each mod on its own is fine.