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  1. @CharlesB Hope that can help understand the issue. IMG_8008.MOV
  2. Hello, After the last update I have noticed that lots of characters have sounds problem. •Wolfgang and Wanda with their transformation no sounds, Wolfgang no sounds while working out or Wanda weapons not making sounds and also Winona not making sound when loosing hunger due to crafting. •The visual bug is related with split screen game play, after you disconnect the day counter clock remain in the middle of the screen even if you start a new game. •Also when you open the crafting menu and then tap the map button the character have the option to move while you navigate on the map. It does happen only when you open the crafting menu first and then the map. I play on PS5.
  3. Another option is to remove the melee attack option and change it with only wave or simply implement the aiming system of the lazy explorer.
  4. I was playing in my DST world on ps4 when suddenly bishop head piece disappeared, I tried to roll back as much I could with no result. At the end I just gave up and delete my world to start a new one, but the problem was not solved this time there was no bishop sculpture and no bishop head piece. I tried 3 different new world but had the same problem. Basically I lost a 160+ day world and many hours with new world tries, I can not even start a new world and that is annoying. If anyone knows what to do please let me know.