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  1. Don't be ridiculous, you got backup Flead for the win! /s
  2. Beautiful. Chef's kiss. Sorry Kevin, for the great pain I'm inflicting on the animation pain.
  3. Some random events can give them, the bog loot burr can give them, I think there's some orange event that can give them from somebody's research notes?
  4. Cause I didn't see any thread for this and wanted to share a pretty bonkers run I just finished. I'll start with these two screenshots from my latest run, the highest score I managed from the Crossroads events, and Sal having a major drinking problem. (Got two of the tainted supply bane)
  5. Just finished making my own first card, here's some basic beginner tips from somebody who'd never coded in a dynamic language before this point. If anything is wrong please correct me, otherwise if/when official mod support comes out, feel free to throw this text on in an FAQ/Help section somewhere. Download Lua. I used to install on my windows machine. To see code of base game cards: 1. Unzip a copy of the data folder into a new folder. Make sure this folder is in a separate location from any of the game's files (for example, I put this new folder in my PC's documents folder). (By default, data will be a ~2,250,000 KB .zip file in Program Files/Epic Games/Griftlands/ ) 2. In the unzipped folder, go to /scripts/content . Battle cards are defined in the attacks folder (basic actions are character nonspecific, Sal actions are Sal's cards, rook actions are rook's cards, etc). Similarly, negotiation cards are under the negotiation folder. My mod doesn't show up in the game! Check the following list: You've saved all your currently opened files in your editor. Check for missing commas or '='. In my personal experience, often times bad code will just cause your mod to fail entirely (though as of this point I'm only working in a single file). If you just recently added in some code, try commenting it out and restarting the game (CTRL + R will do this if you have debug mode enabled, getting an up-to-date version of your mod files).
  6. Is it just me, or are the links to the example mod and broken?