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  1. Before the last patch, all my steam turbine setups were set to take a temperature overhead, but as of the most recent patch, the temperatures continue to rise constantly. Further, the Aquatuners don't seem to be cooling at the same capacity. Unless I'm not seeing the change in the patch-notes, this would be a pretty big bug. Unfortunately I have no way to specifically test the bug aside from sharing my map and having you run it for a few cycles to watch the temperature go crazy. I've tried with all mods disabled, restarting, etc etc. Previously held at >150c (yes I know that's a lot of aquatuners, there's 2 more turbines off-screen, and other setups have the same problem) Overkill_Colony.sav
  2. Thank you! Still got so much left to do on that map... Mind explaining what it was?
  3. When the most recent update dropped my save file won't load without crashing. I have disable all mods and tried checking integrity of the game via Steam, and also tried reinstalling GPU drivers just in case. So far nothing I have tried fixes the crash, it seems to happen around 20-seconds after loading (3x speed). I haven't been able to narrow down a specific reason, but there are a lot of "[WARNING] ThoughtGraph added twice ThoughtGraph()" in the output_log, and I've never seen that before. Also, "[WARNING] Effective mass cannot be greater than capacity!" shows up a lot but I had noticed that before this update and it hasn't caused problems; correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that's because of the mass storage + cleanup I have currently tasked. No glitchy liquid or gas compression. edit: This is a full frozen-until-force-quit crash Overkill Colony (crash).sav
  4. Just tested it myself, while it did freeze for a second, it didn't crash for me. Looking at your DxDiag, my guess is it's simply your computer's hardware. You've got 4GB of RAM and an APU as your graphics driver, which may simply not cut it for ONI. As much as I love my Ryzen CPU, AMD graphics cards/APUs are lacking in major performance. Edit: try updating or reinstalling your graphics driver, there are shader-errors in your output_log
  5. While working in a vacuum, I am turning magma into Igneous Rock, I have an Auto Sweeper and Auto Loader in a tile of Petroleum, it's difficult to point to an exact moment unfortunately but I assume either during an auto-save (late game, so big lag) or a more random lag-spike the Auto Sweeper will drop the Igneous Rock into the Petroleum and turn it to Sour Gas. As you can imagine the cleanup is frustrating. I've noticed it happen on other builds with less volatile consequences so never noted it as an issue until now.
  6. For those curious, I got around it by making the room hot (175c) and filling it with Carbon Dioxide. Seems to be just enough to not exchange heat with everything, but now I have to keep an eye on the Forges to make sure they don't overheat...
  7. I made the room with the forges 175c, which has slowed down the breaking but has not stopped it. For resources sake I switched the insulated pipe to obsidian. I don't have any liquids near the forge, so I guess it's simply exchanging heat with the hydrogen. Perhaps a less conductive atmosphere would help?
  8. When trying to get a large scale amount of glass made I found that there is a major temperature exchange somewhere in or around the Glass Forge building. The pipes containing glass are all made of Insulation, as is the surrounding insulated tiles. Building the Forge out of Insulation does not effect it. The 5KG of glass in the pipes is typically the one that changes the moment it leaves the Glass Forge, breaking the Insulated pipe made of Insulation. I believe one or more of these is the reason: 1. Glass is exchanging temperature with the building itself 2. Glass is exchanging temperature with a block (atmosphere) while inside the Forge 3. Glass is exchanging temperature with the sand while inside the Forge. [I believe this to be the most likely reason] In an attempt to mitigate this issue I converted the room with the Forges to a hot room, but it didn't slow it down. (Semi-unrelated; the area around the buildings is vacuum.)