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  1. So, i've been tracking this bug for a while now. Years ago, i've won a Shadow Gown as a distinguished item. Used it for so many games i can't even count. But, suddenly, when i opened my item collection, and i noticed the outfit wasn't displayed as a choince in the warddrobe, and i only had it dressed on my main character(Wigfrid). Also, i couldn't wear the skin in any other character, since it wasn't even a choice. In an attempt to still have the item on my inventory, i've tried buying it on the market. I thought i had an older version and it wasn't available any longer. I did, changed her outfit for another one....and accepted the changes. It seems gone for good now. It's not a big deal, but i'm quite sad. I'd like to keep the Shadow Gown, but i'd also like to try another outfits. Now, i don't know if i'll be ever able to recover it from the depths of The Ruins. Can someone help me? Kind Regards, Deli. PS: The attachment is a print with the last Shadow Gown's whereabouts. If someone finds it, please return it to the owner immediately for a hefty amout of spools as a reward. Just kidding. But we can get to be friends!