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  1. Yeah it's like kinda joke but I think he got his own refresh in april 1st.
  2. I didn't add characters already gets own rework and newly added to the game.
  3. I know return of them in beta, yeah some people like sailing and there is moon island but I feel like that isn't enough. There is no purpose in go to the sea. Return of them hasn't anything to offer. There isn't any appeling thing. In the main land there is things I must and things that can facilitate my doing If I do. Second thing I say, optional yes but you want to do it beacause if you do it so much things beacame easy and you can focus on other things. In return of them there isn't anything like that. Stone fruits aren't bad, glass cutter is alternate to dark sword, moon glass axe is faster than normal axe but I think these aren't enough. I think klei needs to add appeling things and I say again yes I know this content is beta I hope end all of this they do a grat job.